A key element in the Taylor Rose TTKW strategy is to attract brilliant people to join our team of already brilliant, highly skilled and passionate professionals.

Management Development Programme

Once on board, it’s critical for us to nurture their development to ensure a long and successful career with us.

Our SML (Support, Motivate, Lead) management development programme is specially designed to develop the skills of those with people management responsibilities.

SML will help managers and team leaders enhance current skills and learn new techniques to be the successful managers we need and help identify future leaders.

This management development scheme is a vital component in delivering our business strategies and represents a landmark for the company in demonstrating our genuine desire to help people grow and achieve their professional goals.

The SML Journey

Line managers of people managers who are nominated to participate in the programme are fully involved. They are invited to a briefing to discuss the programme content, their role as supporter and mentor to their people and their responsibility in discussing the learning and how it is to be used.

The participants attend a Welcome Workshop to introduce themselves to each other, hear from Adrian Jaggard, MD about the importance of the skills they will develop and use and the support from the Board of Directors as well as discussing the hopes and concerns of the participants.

The four one-day modules are held off-site to foster a learning environment away from work pressures and interruptions (there is no phone signal!!). They are held over four months to enable practice and review of skills between the sessions. The style is very experiential and interactive using real-life examples. The learning starts with understanding more about ourselves and then how to manage our teams through the employee life cycle. The fourth module concludes with graduation where the participants share their learning with invited guests – line managers and Directors. Following the formal programme, each participant has two 1:1 coaching sessions with the facilitator to review how the learning is being implemented and any further development.

One output is that the cohorts want to carry on supporting each other and meeting to discuss how they are doing or any issues they would like to share.

What participants say before attending the programme:

“I have the core skills of a manager that has come from experience, but I hope to enhance these. By the end of the SML programme, I hope to be a confident and motivating people manager.” Charlotte Hedman, Consultant Liaison Manager.

“Having had no formal training in people management, I am keen to learn what makes a person a ‘good manager’ and a ‘people manager’. I hope to be able to develop my existing skills to understand how to interact with my team more effectively to enhance both their personal development and the performance of the team as a whole.” Liz Thomas, Partner.

SML Graduation 20.06.18

What participants say following the programme: 

 “Anyone can manage a team but in order to inspire and lead your team, you need a much greater range of skills. The SML course is designed to increase your ability to do this successfully.  I discovered a renewed confidence to deal with specific issues and to get the most out of the interactions I have with my team. It also confirmed for me that the development processes that I was already involved with, such as the individual coaching sessions and regular probationary reviews, are essential elements in order to strengthen my team and help maximise their potential.” Jumana Younus, Senior Receptionist.

SML has provided me with insight into both myself and my team members which has, in turn, enabled me to manage with more confidence and in a manner which is empowering the team to meet their strategic objectives.” Nicola Stimson, Solicitor & Head of MOJ Team. 

"I have gained managerial skills that I didn’t even know existed, I am proud to have been part of such an insightful, interesting course which will make me a better manager in the future." Claire May, Coveyancing Executive.

‘’Following the SML programme, I now understand that everyone is different. Each team member has different wants and needs. I now feel empowered to deal with the differences as a people manager’’ Charlotte Hedman, Consultant Liaison Manager. 


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