At Taylor Rose we recognise the needs of our users, and we aim to make this website as accessible as possible to all people, regardless of any disabilities or impairments.

I have difficulty reading or seeing:

If you find it hard to read or see well, the best solution to navigating our website independently is by using a keyboard, combined with Voice Over software. Popular (and pre-installed) software includes Windows Narrator (shortcut WINDOWS  Key + ENTER ) on windows PCs, and Mac Voice Over (shortcut CMD/APPLE  key + F5) on Apple Macs.

Using the keyboard, you can use the TAB  key to move along accessible elements in the page (from top left to bottom right). You can also hold the SHIFT  + TAB  keys together to tab backwards through the page (from bottom right to top left). Once a link is found, you can then press the ENTER  key to follow the link, or press the SPACE key to active form elements like buttons and dropdown menus.


I can't hear very well:

This website features fully descriptive content - all images and media are accompanied with descriptive text. This website also doesn't currently feature any audio or video content.


I find using a mouse difficult:

The TAB , TAB  + SHIFT , ENTER  and SPACE keys on the keyboard allow for quick navigation for users who are unable to use a mouse, or need to navigate the page quickly with impaired mobility. Also, for those who just find the mouse difficult to use, most Windows, Apple and Linux computers allow the user to change mouse pointer options (such as mouse speed, click speed, pointer trails, etc).


For More details on the accessibility functions of your system, view the relevant links below:


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