Blood, Sweat & Tears to secure a Training Contract? It was definitely worth it says Rajinder Kaur, Assistant Solicitor at Taylor Rose TTKW

Mon 26 February 2018 RAJINDER KAUR

Consultant Solicitor

Following on from our recent blog on training contracts in the legal sector, Rajinder Kaur, Assistant Solicitor, shares her experience of securing one with top 200 law firm Taylor Rose TTKW.


I applied for a training contract at Taylor Rose TTKW in June 2015. Following my application I was invited for an interview and written assessment. Because I was an internal applicant and all of my peers had the same ability as I and I knew I had to stand out so I worked diligently and let my successes speak for themselves.

I qualified as a specialist paralegal in commercial property and organised a number of charity and social events for Taylor Rose TTKW whilst networking in the local business community to keep abreast of the commercial world around me. I regularly volunteered to assist with challenging tasks which often led to me working late in the night, which demonstrated my personality, the level of my intelligence, that I was not afraid of hard work and my commitment to the firm.

It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to obtain this sought after wonder, but I successfully secured my training contract in September 2015. My training contract seats consisted of residential property, commercial property, probate and civil litigation. The work was plentiful and varied and I and my peers were pushed constantly to achieve our best. We were surrounded by experienced and supportive staff who guided us throughout and gave us the skills to smoothly transition into newly qualified solicitors. As my training contract advanced, I evolved and learnt how to work smarter so I could enjoy the right life work balance.

I was diagnosed with leukaemia shortly after receiving my training contract. I didn’t let cancer hold me back and if you put your mind to it, you really can achieve anything.

I am now almost 8 months newly qualified and have been retained by the company as a commercial property solicitor.

If you would like to know more about training contracts with Taylor Rose TTKW, please contact Louisa Copsey, Partner and Head of the firm’s Trainee Solicitor Programme.



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