What is a Partner in Taylor Rose TTKW?



Tue 31 July 2018 What is a Partner in Taylor Rose TTKW?

‘Adrian… no matter how good your business acumen and systems are, you will always need great lawyers’

I was told this about ten years ago and its importance seems to grow every year.

What are partners in TRTTKW? Well, we are a company and not a partnership or LLP, so the title seems a little out of place. Despite the oddity of partners in a company, we cannot help but feel that there is no better title for our most senior lawyers and managers in legal service teams. In our minds, the status of partner evokes an image of someone who has risen to the top of their game in professional services. And for us, their ability has to be exceptional, whether its technical or commercial. In TRTTKW, the status of ‘partner’ is the badge that acknowledges all of this.

Partners are the guardians of the quality of our legal services, leading us on technical competency, professionalism, client care and accuracy. This quality is not only fundamental to commercial aspirations, but also our survival in a hardening market. To many of our clients, partners deliver our capability and manage our reputation.

Being a partner is not just about being a great lawyer. They are mentors and trainers to their teams, passing on knowledge and skills to junior members as they were passed on to them. Partners supervise their team members, developing their capability as they go. Partners also understand the characteristics of TRTTKW and what we are trying to achieve through our strategy and business plan and are responsible for winning clients and generating our fee-income, managing budgets and billing to ensure that there is enough money to deliver our business aspirations.

Partners responsibilities are senior and vast, influencing every corner of TRTTKW. They shape our future as they carry out their tasks, chasing our objectives and crafting tomorrow’s candidates for partnership. They play a vital role in ensuring the company achieves success and we hope to welcome more partners as the company continues to grow.

Adrian Jaggard is the Managing Director of top 200 law firm Taylor Rose TTKW and a regular blogger on #smartmodernlaw #lawyersthatblog

Talor Rose TTKW law firm operates from offices in London, Peterborough, Manchester, Northampton, Lichfield, Liverpool and Workington. 



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