What are the Top 5 Moving Tips?


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Wed 9 January 2019 What are the Top 5 Moving Tips?

In order to avoid any last minute panic and overwhelm, ensure that you get on top of your moving arrangements. Below are the top 5 moving tips.

  1. Fixed completion date
    It is very important to ensure that a completion date has been fixed before arranging removals or giving notice on any rented accommodation that you may currently be living in. You don’t want to face paying a penalty for having to cancel your removals on short notice, having booked removals when no completion date has been fixed!
  2. Declutter
    When you know that your property is in the process of being sold start to declutter. Recognise what you want to take to the new property, what you want to dispose of and what you want to donate to charity. There are plenty of charities that will greatly appreciate what you may no longer require.
  3. Utilities
    Ensure that you have notified your utility suppliers of moving date, taken meter readings and cancelled any direct debits, including your direct debit with your existing lender.
  4. Separate essentials
    When packing, remember to keep a box separate which includes all the essentials that you will need for when you arrive at your new property. It will save you hours of going through lots of boxes when all you want is a single plate!
  5. New contact details
    Remember to pass your new contact details to friends, family, your solicitor, the agent, your employer (if relevant), your doctor and anyone that may need to contact you in the future. Also remember to get your post redirected.

The above is not an exhaustive list, but if you keep the above in mind then a stressful event becomes manageable.

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