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Wed 13 February 2019

To continue enjoying the success that Taylor Rose TTKW Solicitors has had to date, what does this top 200 law firm have to do for the future?

In his latest blog Managing Director Adrian Jaggard shares his thoughts on delivering continued success:

Logically, we should continue doing what we have been doing, but I don’t think that’s the right answer. Our business is constantly changing as it matures. I see us getting better at most things as time goes by, fuelled by our characteristics that encourage a long-term approach and innovation from past investment. On top of this, recruitment, new consultants and M&A activities continually generates new talent.

As we get better, our enhanced profile and advanced capability make us more attractive to others, delivering growth. Then as we get bigger, we improve again as we invest our increased resources. We are gathering pace as the cycle of improvement is fed by:

  1. Profit retention, prioritising re-investment and a will to improve - we have retained the lion’s share of profits since inception, but are just starting to understand our true opportunities for improvement
  2. Availability of fresh talent (through employees, consultants, mergers and acquisitions) - there is an abundance of talent in our industry that is searching for a better way of working
  3. Improved efficiency through scale - we understand how to leverage resources as we grow, getting better each time;
  4. Continued opportunity to improve how we work - we are only just discovering the true scope of our opportunity to change how we do things.

It’s very easy to project that we understand and act upon all of our opportunities when explaining our strengths and vision. The reality is that we don’t; there remains a whole load of known and unknown ways to improve efficiency, risk-control and customer experience. As a firm and an industry, we have a long way to go. We are just starting to experience that Matrix moment as we realise that delivery of certain legal services will change beyond all recognition over the next ten years. As a mid-tier firm, we plan to work our resources and capabilities hard to keep us on that leading edge of evolution.

This above cycle of improvement will generate our next phase of growth, but there’s something uneasy about relying on change in itself to continue our success. Despite all of the changes, we have to trust that our characteristics remain constant and it is these that are driving our ultimate success.

As for the future, it’s more of the same… change.


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