How can you reduce the stress of the conveyancing side of moving house?


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Mon 18 February 2019 How can you reduce the stress of the conveyancing side of moving house?

Buying or selling a property is considered to be one of life’s stressful events, but it doesn’t have to be. Go easy on yourself during this stressful time. Our London Residential Property expert Theodora Michaeloudis shares her tips for managing the stress.

1. Go Easy on yourself

Whether you are selling, buying or both, don’t let the process overtake your life. There is a process involved and the benefit of getting the assistance of a solicitor or other legal representative is so that your solicitor or legal representative can take away the stress, guide you through the process and explain matters to you, as clearly and concisely as possible.

2. Change or learn to accept what you cannot control

During the conveyancing transaction you may experience certain hurdles, for example, your seller or buyer may pull out of the transaction, you may not be able to secure a mortgage or your survey may not be as positive as you had hoped it would be. In such circumstances, speak to your solicitor or legal representative about ways to overcome these hurdles. Some things are outside your control and you need to let them go. If your seller or buyer pulls out, it does not mean you will not ever find another buyer, or seller. If you receive an unsatisfactory survey, then maybe the current property is not right but there will be another property for you, and you may still be able to discuss resolving the problems highlighted in your survey, with the seller and your solicitor. Most things are resolvable and if they are not resolvable, there are always alternatives.

3. Mortgage

Not everyone is able to obtain a mortgage from a certain lender, however, there is more than one lender, and by shopping around, and speaking to a mortgage advisor, you may be able to secure a mortgage. Don’t let one mortgage lender’s refusal prevent you from considering buying a property, as you may be able to obtain funding through another lender.

4. Communication

Communication is central to alleviating stress. Do not stay a silent. If you are finding the process complex, time consuming or generally feeling out of control speak to your solicitor or legal representative. You can even discuss modes of communication that work best for you. Some clients prefer the constant reassurance of emails, whilst others prefer regular telephone calls with detailed reports and face to face meetings. Discuss with your solicitor the communication that works best for you.

5. Believe in the process

Often clients are put off by time constraints during a transaction. Sometimes time constraints are part of the process, however, by informing your solicitor or legal representative of your timescales and the need to meet an important deadline, for whatever reason, then you can be sure that your solicitor or legal representative will assist to meet that deadline and guide you every step of the way and together you can overcome time constraints.

If you need a Solicitor to take the stress out of conveyancing, please contact Theodora or call 01733 333333. 

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