Joseph Johnson, Taylor Rose TTKW's Corporate Star of the Year shares his Award Story


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Wed 13 March 2019 Joseph Johnson, Taylor Rose TTKW's Corporate Star of the Year shares his Award Story

Joseph Johnson, Corporate STAR 2018- IT Assistant, Peterborough

Joseph has worked in the Peterborough IT team since March 2018. He was nominated by several people in his office for his polite, positive attitude and for going above and beyond to help people. Specifically, Joseph has played a key part in the team by helping with the introduction of the new telephony system and supporting client facing staff during implementation. Here are some comments from Joseph’s colleagues: 

“Joseph was always on hand to ensure any issues were resolved immediately, so clients were not negatively impacted by the new system.”

“Whether it’s the telephony systems or a printer that needs fixing, Joseph understands the urgent need to get things back on track so we can continue to deliver excellent service to clients. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him, no matter how busy he is.”

Joseph says:

“I work in IT on Helpdesk Support in Peterborough, where I resolve IT issues that are submitted to Spiceworks.

“I was really surprised when I found out I’d won. The thing I enjoy most about my job is solving problems and helping people. My main challenge is printers - I hate them! It’s difficult to diagnose more complicated problems with printers as the errors it throws out are often not helpful so usually I get my colleague Mikey to tinker with it or we call out a technician."

“Working here I never get the chance to be bored as it’s always busy and I think it’s made me more sociable as I can’t do my job without talking to people. There are a lot of things to learn here because there are many offices that have different configurations and processes - so it keeps things interesting.

“I like to think I work hard and I don’t take anything too seriously. If I had an IT related tip to share with my colleagues it would be to: ‘turn it off and on again first then submit a
Spiceworks ticket.’

Joseph was born in Peterborough, has a cat called Leonardo DiCatprio and a girlfriend called Nikolett.

“Outside work I like camping in the summer - but avoid going outside during the winter. My guilty pleasure is probably metal music with my favourite band being Slipknot.

My favourite film is Hot Fuzz and the book Sapiens by Yuval Harari. My favourite travel destination is Mexico - mainly because of the tacos and I’m going to Greece next because it’s hot.

“Right now I’m watching the documentary ‘Roman Empire' and studying Hungarian using the Assimil learning programme.

“The one thing no-one knows about me, is that - even though I cycle to work everyday - I actually hate cycling!”

More about our Star Awards:
We introduced the Star Awards staff recognition programme at the beginning of 2018 to celebrate delivering excellent client experience and teamwork. The programme recognises one legal and one corporate colleague every quarter. 

There are two star award categories:
Our Legal Champions are selected from lawyers and executives who have had the best survey feedback, client compliments, positive feedback, satisfaction surveys, referrals and online reviews.

Our Corporate Champions are nominated by colleagues across the whole organisation.

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