Taylor Rose TTKW's 2018 Corporate Stars share their Award Stories - Sarah White


Partner & Head of Client Care

Wed 13 March 2019

Sarah White - Corporate Star - Peterborough

Sarah White is a case advisor in our Peterborough office. She was nominated on more than one occasion because of her willingness to go over and above assisting staff and clients. Sarah is very approachable, passionate about her role and strives to deliver an excellent client experience.
Adrian Jaggard, Managing Director, said: "Sarah is particularly good at adapting her communications style, especially with vulnerable clients. Recently she responded to a call from an extremely anxious client. She dealt with the matter in a sensitive and compassionate way, calming a difficult and emotional situation, ensuring the client was ok before concluding the call. Our employees are trained to treat clients fairly and recognise how to communicate with vulnerable clients, however Sarah really is a natural! Thank you for all your hard work Sarah, its so important to have colleagues on our team who really care about our clients and the service we are delivering.”

Sarah says: “My role is all about giving good service to our clients, and advising and helping borrowers and brokers with their re-mortgages

“When I found out I’d won the award I was shocked, speechless, and proud.

“I recently attended the client-facing training course and I think that really helped as it made me more aware of the different types of clients we look after, so it helps you to respond appropriately. The training and winning the award has definitely confirmed my passion and beliefs about the importance of excellent client care.

“The part of my job I enjoy the most is helping people, I love knowing that I have been able to do my best in giving our clients a smooth experience with us. Things can be challenging at times, such as long queues, frustrated borrowers and brokers but I don’t let it get to me.

“The things I love most about working here are the people I work with, not just in my team, but also people in other parts of the company. I love the challenge of working with different colleagues."

“Since I’ve worked here the company has given me the confidence to better myself and has encouraged me to go for a new role. I think the thing that has helped me move forward is my belief that treating and speaking to others the way you want to be treated and spoken to is the key. If I could share a tip with my colleagues I would say - no matter how bad your day has been - tomorrow is a new day!”

Sarah was born in Peterborough and she lives with her partner Peter, their children Corey, Kai, Kieran, Callum, Kayden, Evie and pet Kosmo.

“Outside work I like playing darts and spending time with my family and indulging myself in my guilty pleasure - curling up on the sofa with a film and munchies lol!

“My favourite film is Dirty Dancing, I like 90s music and right now I’m watching The Good Doctor. My favourite travel destination is Las Vegas and we’re going to Egypt for our honeymoon. I don’t really have any secrets - I’m pretty much an open book - but guess what? I’m getting married on the 16th March!”

More about our Star Awards:
We introduced the Star Awards staff recognition programme at the beginning of 2018 to celebrate delivering excellent client experience and teamwork. The programme recognises one legal and one corporate colleague every quarter. 

There are two star award categories:
Our Legal Champions are selected from lawyers and executives who have had the best survey feedback, client compliments, positive feedback, satisfaction surveys, referrals and online reviews.

Our Corporate Champions are nominated by colleagues across the whole organisation.

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