Daisy Englefield - New Graduate

Wed 29 May 2019 Daisy Englefield - New Graduate

Now that I have graduated I feel very proud of myself, as a lot of hard work and studying has gone into the last six months and I feel excited to be progressing within my career.

The best thing about the course was our senior conveyancer Liz Lennox, she was ‘laid-back’ and easy to approach which made the course a lot easier. Liz went above and beyond to assist and support us, along with support we received from the Title Checkers. I would say the challenges I experienced at first were learning how to manage a caseload by myself, as this wasn’t something I had done prior to the programme, and also learning how to manage my time efficiently.  

I dedicated all I could to the course. At the beginning I was an assistant to a fee earner who had a full capacity. This was slightly tricky as I also had to manage my own work. However, over time, the fee earner’s capacity was reduced to allow me to manage my workload efficiently. Being a conveyancer means I have managed to work my way up from being an assistant administrator, and I will be constantly learning on the job.



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