What Credentials are required for a solicitor to become a consultant?



Tue 2 July 2019 What Credentials are required for a solicitor to become a consultant?

We asked Director Antony Jaggard what he looks for in a qualified legal professional wanting to become a consultant.

When a qualified profession wants to become a consultant I look at their character and reasons for wanting to become self-employed as a consultant solicitor. I expect someone who wants to work with us to have a good deal of experience and a strong set of qualifications and credentials to match.

So when we talk to law professionals who aspire to become a consultant solicitor, we are looking specifically for qualified solicitors who have a minimum of four years Post-Qualified Experience (PQE), or a fellow of CILEx or CLC, and someone who has a list of good quality past and present clients they have worked for in the past, and contacts.

Essentially we want to work with solicitors who have exceptional references and recommendations.

If right now, someone is thinking about becoming a consultant solicitor, or they have already ventured down the consultancy route, but would like to work alongside a growing law firm that has built a strong reputation for practising smart, modern law, then we want to talk to you.

When it comes to experience, if a qualified professional has just started out as a consultant solicitor, but hasn’t been working long enough to build up their experience, we will always look at the overall picture.

It’s likely that if we see potential in someone, we will encourage them to retain their self-employed status, but work in one of our offices where there they would benefit from being part of a team that can offer support and experience.

Likewise, if a solicitor who is already working for our firm as an employee wants to make the shift to becoming a self-employed consultant solicitor, we would offer similar advice. I will always be honest when someone asks me if I think they should become self-employed. 

Just in the last couple of months, two of our employed lawyers have made the move, and we have fully supported them in doing that.

So, if someone is considering working with us - we would expect them to be a qualified solicitor, or fellow of CILEx or CLC

We’d like them to come with a ready-made client following and a list of good quality past and present clients and network of contacts to develop.

We would also like to see a strong track record backed by exceptional references and client recommendations based on a minimum of four years PQE.

However - whatever your credentials or experience - what I would always say, in the first instance, is, if you’re interested in working with us - come in and let's have a chat.”

Our dedicated Consultant Liaison Team are on hand to anwser any questions you may have, so why not get in touch?

T: 01799 865135



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