What are the benefits of buying a Holiday Home?


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Wed 7 August 2019 What are the benefits of buying a Holiday Home?

In the midst of holiday season more and more people are finding ways to maintain that all important holiday vibe throughout the year. The feeling of wellbeing that takes you outside of yourself, connects you, and grounds you to face life’s challenges.

A holiday home is usually described as a second home and can often be in the same country that a person already resides in. It can be, but doesn’t have to be, abroad, but somewhere with different surroundings/scenery to your first home that provides escapism and calmness from the constant drumming of life’s demands.

There are many benefits of owning a holiday home but below are my top 5 benefits:

  1. A holiday home is an investment into your wellbeing which is perhaps one of the most important investments which you will ever have to make. You can design your holiday home to be your sanctuary and go to place. You can ensure it is near a nearby lake or place with lots of greenery. What matters, is what creates that inner harmony and balance for you.
  2. What is expected from a holiday home can vary from person to person and can depend on each individual’s personal circumstances. Don’t assume that buying a holiday home is just for when you retire. Some use their holiday home as their work space and can find that they are more productive working from their holiday home, away from the interruptions.
  3. A holiday home is not just for the summer, it can be used throughout the year. Just think fire log fires, eating marshmallows and cosy blankets in the Winter.
  4. You can even let it out when you are not using the holiday home yourself, and so it is an investment that also pays back. Relatives may also be able to benefit from your holiday home when you are not using it, and so you are spreading the benefits.
  5. Think grand designs. Most people would not consider a grand design with their first home, but will do with their second/holiday home. Think different, think open plan spaces and think how this could increase the value of your holiday home.

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