Why make a Will early on?

Fri 16 August 2019 Why make a Will early on?

At Taylor Rose TTKW we have a team based in our Peterborough office who specialises in providing Wills, Long Term Care Planning, Inheritance Tax Planning, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate services for over ten years.

Tristy Powell heads up our Private Client team. Tristy and her team can advise clients on how to structure their property and affairs to ensure that their estate passes to the intended beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient way after a death.

Tristy says, ‘Discussing or planning for death or a loss is truly difficult. It’s a tough decision to make a Will as you face up to your own mortality. But once you have decided to plan for the future we can guide you through the process, whether you have simple or complex needs such as wanting to protect your business or foreign assets.’

Latest research shows that over 30 million people will die in the UK without having made a Will leaving their estate intestate. This can cause issues to arise between unmarried couples, divorces and inheritance tax as their assets may not be distributed according to their wishes. In such hard times this can cause daunting complications for the families.

‘It’s impossible to imagine that you may live beyond your adult child’s life, or that you may you lose a partner leaving you with young children especially as we now live longer and healthier lives but life can throw unexpected curveballs and what seems to be planning for too far in the future to contemplate could be in the nearby future. So we advise clients to plan on who inherits their home and wealth. We specialise in  a service to those who are facing the absolute worst scenario, loved ones experiencing a life threatening incident, including meeting you at the hospital to guide you through your options in a compassionate and sensitive manner.’

Life is challenging. Leaving your loved ones behind without a Will can make these times even harder when they should be focusing on supporting each other. Making a Will can stop family arguments, financial hardship and, if you do not have any immediate family, also ensure your assets go to the people or organisations of your choice.   Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Planning for the future is very important, but all too often we leave things too late. Peace of mind is something that is hard to place a value on.

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This blog is based on the Gravitas Spring 2019 edition article.



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