How to know if becoming a Consultant is the best route for your career?



Fri 23 August 2019 How to know if becoming a Consultant is the best route for your career?

After the high success rates of the Taylor Rose TTKW Consultancy Programme, we decided to ask Mark Quinn, one of our top Consultant solicitors on why he would not return to a conventional solicitor role.

I’ve been a consultant solicitor for nearly a year now.

I’m a Solicitor. I did my undergraduate in English Law and French Law and then completed my Legal Practice Course and Training Contract in Manchester.

I am a Civil Litigation Solicitor. The bulk of my work is in Commercial Dispute Resolution which includes high value construction disputes, debt recovery, landlord and tenant matters and personal injury. I also deal with vehicle operating licence issues and claims arising from discrimination. Very much a mixed bag.

Before becoming a consultant solicitor, I worked for a couple of well-regarded insurance firms as a litigation solicitor. I also have prior experience within a Debt Recovery department of a large national firm.

I just had a baby and had decided to leave my job for a 6 month period to look after my son.  After this time out, I didn’t want to return to a fixed salary role in a team within a large corporate firm.

In previous roles, where I tended to be a cog in a large wheel, I found myself limited in terms of variety of work as well as there being quite rigid and well-established working practices in place. I also felt I had untapped skills in terms of bringing in clients and pushing working practices to make certain aspects more efficient.  I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak and when the opportunity came along, I felt it was a perfect chance to test myself.

As a consultant solicitor, I set my own working hours and practices. I have complete autonomy to approach my days in the way I choose and there is freedom to work from home or go into the office. There is also a real buzz about securing your own clients. In the same breath the consultant solicitor has nowhere to hide and can’t turn around and blame anyone else if your business is not working. This risk may not be for everyone, but for me it is something I really thrive on.

Taylor Rose is fast becoming a high-profile firm and with offices up and down the country and a focus on modern branding and efficiency, it’s a real selling point to prospective clients. The fact I can meet a client in any of our offices, is also a real bonus and means your client pool is not limited to a certain geographical area. 

I work predominantly from home, although, I travel to offices to meet clients. For me, certain clients prefer to meet on at least one occasion but after that, the bulk of contact can be done over the phone or by email.

If it something you are considering and you feel you have the skills to succeed, I would advise you to just take the plunge. If you are prepared to put in the time and not be afraid to keep trying different avenues, it will, ultimately, start to pay off. I genuinely cannot see myself returning to a conventional solicitor role. 

If you are interested in joining our Consultancy Programme click here to find out more or contact our Consultant Liason team on or on 01733 865135.



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