Corporate Star Award Winner Ali Jubb - 2019

Tue 29 October 2019 Corporate Star Award Winner Ali Jubb - 2019

A huge well done to Ali Jubb, winner of our Q3 Corporate Star Award!

Ali is based within the firm's Peterborough branch and she is responsible for the firm’s Marketing. She is highly valued for her work with branding, digital marketing and managing events across all 10 Taylor Rose branches throughout the UK. She is a key member in supporting and promoting the firm and its core values.

Upon the news of her achievement, Ali had commented, ‘I felt surprised…very surprised when my name was announced as the Corporate Star Award winner, but I also felt proud and honoured.’

Ali had been nominated by her fellow colleagues who had praised her for being hardworking and open to helping everyone around her.

‘I really do enjoy my job. I excel in a fast-paced working environment and couldn’t bear the thought of watching the clock tick by every minute of every day! This is probably helped by the large variety of work I do. One day I could be studying website analytics and the next setting up for an event. Due to the business constantly growing our workload never seems to slack off! There is always something that needs updating, amending or creating meaning it is extremely difficult to meet last-minute requests.'

Ali’s key to success is determination and never give up; even when the going gets tough. Her top tip to colleagues is sometimes it's more constructive to step away from your desk and realigned your thoughts and tasks into what is a priority. ‘A clear mind and knowing what’s needed to achieve your targets makes the whole day a lot more productive and less stressful.’

Ali has worked with us since May 2018 and says ‘the most enjoyable aspects of working at Taylor Rose is the thriving environment and the people. The approach we take into delivering smart, modern, law sets us ahead of the competition. I am also extremely grateful for the opportunities I have been given here. Earlier this year I completed the SML (Support, Motivate, Lead) management programme, which I can honestly say 100% has given me the ability to manage difficult situations within my team and day-to-day working life in a more effective way. I am also excited to start a diploma in Digital Marketing this year.’

Behind the Scenes

Ali was born in St Albans and grew up in Lincolnshire. She lives with her partner Nathan and their four, four-legged companions, three dogs Figg, Clover, and Wilma, along with her horse, Jack.

“My hobbies include riding and competing my horse, and generally being outside enjoying the countryside with the dogs and Nathan.”

‘One thing no-one knows about me is that whilst studying at University I won the European Technology for Business Limited award for the top achieving student; I also have a European Community Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage. But one thing many of my colleagues do know is that my guilty pleasure is chocolate coated pretzels.’

The Star Award Scheme is used to highlight employees who have exceeded expectations and performed at exceptional levels. Our Corporate Star Award provides an opportunity for colleagues to nominate one another in recognition of the amazing work they do.

Well done to Ali on receiving the Q3 2019 Corporate Star Award!



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