2019 Q4 Corporate Star Award Winner: Charlotte Rayner

Thu 30 January 2020 2019 Q4 Corporate Star Award Winner: Charlotte Rayner

Well done to Charlotte Rayner who has won the 4th Quarter Corporate Star Award within the 2019 annual Star Awards Programme. 

Charlotte is an archiving Executive working within our Moorgate Branch and has been with the firm for 4 years. Her day to day activities include dealing with incoming and outgoing post, ensuring that office supplies are ordered, regularly assisting clients with their enquiries – both on the telephone and in face to face interactions as well as managing the Moorgate archiving tasks.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Charlotte replied “It may sound strange, but I enjoy archiving and working with spreadsheets, so I’m in the right job!” The biggest challenge within her job role is “finding the time to do it all. This is where being very organised helps a lot.” Charlotte’s key to success is her organisation – “my job is varied and very busy, so the more organised I can be, then the more productive I am and the better time management I have.”

Having never worked in Law before, Charlotte has described her time at Taylor Rose TTKW as “a massive learning curve.” She attributes her learning to her colleagues who have helped her “learn the basic steps of transactions so that when I speak to clients in person or on the phone, I feel like I can help them more”

When asked what she enjoys most about working at Taylor Rose TTKW, Charlotte answered “The people I work with. Coming in to work each day is much easier when the people you work with are so nice.”

About Charlotte Rayner

“I have had a West Ham season ticket with my brother Michael for the last 14 years. The most important and supportive people in my life are my brothers Michael and Robert.”

Favourite genre?

“I love a good murder mystery and will watch and read anything to do with crime – true life or fictional. I have just finished watching The Staircase which is about real-life murder. I would recommend it to anyone who likes that genre”

Charlotte also loves quiz shows and names her current favourite as Only Connect.

Favourite Travel Destination?

“My mum is retired and lives most of the time in Cornwall, so a few times a year I will go and stay with her. It is so peaceful with stunning views from her house. It’s a completely different world to London.”

When asked for a fact no-one would know about (but she’d be happy to share) Charlotte answered, “I am allergic to sand, as crazy as that sounds.

Upon being told she had won Q4’s Corporate Star Award Charlotte said she “was completely surprised as I didn’t even know I had been nominated. It made me feel appreciated and that the work I do is recognised by my colleagues.”

The Star Awards Programme is used as a platform to give recognition to employees who have exceeded expectations and performed at an exceptional level. Our Corporate category allows staff across the firm to nominate their colleagues and give thanks for the incredible work they do.



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