Q&A: Divorce

Thu 30 January 2020 Q&A: Divorce

Specialising in Family Law for 10 years,  our Head of Family Law provides some insight into the divorce process and how she delivers clear, compassionate and concise advice.

Q) In your experience, is the New Year a particularly busy time for Divorce and Separation enquiries?

 A) Yes, the new year is a busy time for divorce and separation matters. Usually clients say they wanted to wait until the new year to start their divorces, a fresh start and not to disrupt Christmas with the family.

Trainee Solicitor, Felicity Hart has given more detail into Why the Festive Period is the busiest time for Family Solicitors here.

Q) Have you found that client’s usually plan to query the process, or that they have a significant moment whereby they then wish to make an appointment?

A) Family law clients usually plan this for a long time before they contact solicitors to start their divorce.

Q) Typically, what kinds of information should a client expect to provide?

A) We need their Personal details i.e.  ID, proof of address, marriage certificate, as well as the background to why they’ve come to us and have made their decision.

Q) Do clients ask for an initial consultation? If so, what do you offer in this regard?

A) Yes a majority ask for a consultation which I offer on a fixed fee basis. The meeting usually lasts around 1 hour, but this is not a strict timeframe as each situation is different.

Q) In your experience, what are the most common reasons for delay within a divorce procedure?

A) Usually when the other party does not want the divorce to happen this can slow the divorce procedure down; or when the other party does not want to resolve financial matters as they do not want to share the assets, although Applications can be made to the court to progress matters without the engagement of the other party.

Q) How would you describe your approach?

A) Friendly yet professional . I do my best to make clients feel at ease and leave meetings with a clear plan of action. 

Q) Can you provide additional information regarding child arrangements and the general options available to clients?

 A) The options available are varied, but put simply, the client can attempt to agree matters with the other parent regarding arrangements for their children, if they cannot resolve matters this way they can be referred to Family Mediation (more information can be found at: or as a last resort make an application to the court for the court to make the decision. 

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