Have you met our newest homegrown Conveyancers?

Mon 9 March 2020 Have you met our newest homegrown Conveyancers?

Our Trainee Conveyancer Programme (TCP) had been introduced to promote the growth of our conveyancing teams within the firm as well as provide a quicker turnaround time for clients instructing us as their conveyancers. By offering Assistant Administrators- who have been with the firm for a year - the opportunity to progress their careers in-house through a 6-month training programme, we have been able to improve the quality of service offered to clients.

I’m very proud of what our graduates have achieved and how hard they have worked throughout the course. They have acquired skills which they are now able to put into practice and develop even further.

-         Liz Lennox, Head of Residential Conveyancing

We are pleased to have had 7 new candidates graduate from the programme:

Olivia Steen

Olivia joined the firm in 2017 and had worked as a Conveyancing Assistant until she completed her training and became a Conveyancer herself. She specialises in both Freehold and Leasehold property transactions and always ensures her work is carried out to the best of her ability.

Atshaam Saeed

Atshaam has worked within the firm since 2017 and has been within our Conveyancing department since joining. As well as graduating in the TCP, Atshaam has also secured a training contract with the firm which he begun in January 2020.

Tomasz Bara

Tomasz began his journey with the firm in 2016 and has worked within our Re-mortgage, Post Completion and Conveyancing teams. Tom prides himself on providing excellent client care and always aims to provide the best possible service.

Chantelle Rua

Chantelle has worked within the residential property department since 2016 and has experience dealing with re-mortgages as well as new build contracts. Chantelle prides herself on being highly organised and ensures her hard work supports and meets the need of her clients.

Gurusevak Singh

Gurusevak joined Taylor Rose TTKW in 2019 and has worked with re-mortgages, transfer of equity and sale and purchases. He prides himself on his clear communication and ability to meet client deadlines.

Ellie Jaggard

Ellie has worked within our Private Client department as well as our residential conveyancing departments since joining the firm. She now sits within our Commercial department as she trains to become a Solicitor. She aims to provide legal advice in an approachable and effective manner.

Laura Osbourn

Laura has worked with the firm since 2018 and has worked within our re-mortgage and conveyancing teams since. She now works solely on new build purchase transactions but has experience with non-new build transactions. Laura is passionate about delivering the best possible service to all her clients.


We asked our graduates a few questions about the programme and how they’ve felt whilst participating in the programme.


1)     How have you felt the programme has progressed your career?

“From doing the programme, I have felt a lot more confident in my work. I gained a lot of experience from having my own cases whilst being part of the programme. Having a case load whilst training helped me increase my knowledge”

-         Olivia Steen

2)     What support did you have whilst undertaking your training?

The Trainee Conveyancer Programme was led by our Head of Residential Conveyancing, Liz Lennox, who was brilliant. Liz is approachable and is always available to assist with any queries both during and outside of the training sessions.”

-         Atshaam Saeed

3)     What did you find difficult about the programme?

I didn’t find it necessarily difficult, but I did find that each file is different. There are no timescales or steps that each file follows as a structure. You must organise your files in a way that you know is outstanding on them and at what stage of the transaction they are at. It was difficult balancing the theory with the practicality of each matter.”

-         Tomasz Bara

4)     What was your job role prior to participating in the programme and how have your day to day activities changed?

“My previous job was in a completely different department and as such the TCP had allowed me to have a thorough introduction into this area of law. The TCP has also allowed me to further my knowledge in my current seat whilst I progress with my training contract.”

-         Ellie Jaggard

5)     How did you manage your workload whilst studying and training?

“The support from our team leaders and Liz Lennox was great! the TCP was broken down into sections which were easily digestible which really helped with managing studying and working simultaneously. the course materials were also extremely informative and concise. Everything we studied on the programme went hand in hand with our roles at the time, so this allowed us to put our theory into practice. “

-         Gurusevak Singh

6)     How did you feel when you passed the programme?

“I felt very proud of my achievement and excited for what was to come. I am enjoying having my own clients and workload and I hope to be able to carry on developing my skills and grow.”

-         Laura Osbourn

7)     What advice would you give to future conveyancers?

Ask as many questions as you feel you need to, even if they are obvious or you feel they are stupid questions. Be willing to take on and expose yourself to as many different types of transactions as possible”

-         Chantelle Rua

The firm are extremely proud of the successes that the Trainee Conveyancer Programme has brought both to the individuals who take part and  our client base.

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