Congratulations to our Newly Qualified Solicitors



Mon 22 March 2021 Congratulations to our Newly Qualified Solicitors

Taylor Rose MW aims to help numerous asipiring trainee solicitors each year to become qualified solicitors. Our current programme has a variety of start and qualification dates,with one qualification date being this March. All of our trainee's started in universities across the country and have taken different routes to qualification.

It is therefore with great pleasure we welcome our seven newly qualified solicitors to Taylor Rose MW:

We caught up with them to ask them how they feel about being newly qualified.              

So Yung Wong, based at our London Moorgate office, started at the firm as Paralegal in 2017 and was promoted to trainee in 2019. It has taken her almost ten years to qualify.

So Yung said: “it feels amazing that I have accomplished something that I have been working towards for nearly ten years.”

“I completed my first degree in Business Administration at the University of Kent in 2012. I then decided to pursue a legal career. So, I went on to study the Graduate Diploma and the LLM LPC at the University of Law. It may have taken a while to attain my legal qualification but, I have got there in the end.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my training contract and I am so grateful for all the opportunities that Taylor Rose MW has given me,” she added.

Coronavirus has influenced change in our everyday lives. This included having to adapt to working from home, which has affected our trainee’s final year.

“I wasn’t able to have as much face-to-face training with my supervisors and as a trainee finishing a Contentious seat meant I also missed time in Court in person too,” Louisa Bazett  from our Bognor Regis office said when discussing how covid affected her final year.

“I had to be very proactive and diligent in ensuring I received help and guidance necessary to succeed in my seats. I ensured I had regular calls and video chats with supervisors and clients. I also created spreadsheets of work to complete and timescales to discuss with supervisors during calls and meetings.”

So Yung added: “COVID is outside of our control rather than worrying, I have learnt to embrace the uncertainties and have turned many challenges into opportunities.”

She continued: “adjustments had to be made, and we all adapted to COVID; this enabled me to have a well-rounded training due to the pandemic. I attended remote hearings and worked closely with my supervisors over the phone.”

“I have made some very useful contacts whilst furloughed that have contributed to my training contract. I successfully networked with a Financial Advisor on LinkedIn who kindly offered me a 1-2-1, 3 hours training,” So Yung continued.

“I spoke at the Women in Law Virtual Conference. I covered my journey into law, along with tips and advice on securing a training contract with students and aspiring solicitors.”

Ellie Jaggard, from our London Bridge office, agreed saying: “I worked from home in the height of lockdown and it was hard. I was in a house share with 5 other people so there were challenges and even when I did work from the office, it was near enough empty.”

“I think we forget how much we learn from each other and how far a quick coffee with a colleague can do wonders for your head space when facing a challenging file to resolve, “she added.

Tharindu Amarasinghe, who is based at our Bexleyheath office, started his qualification at the University of Greenwich and completed a Law LLB degree, followed by the LPC at London Metropolitan.

Tharindu added: “working from home has been a real eye opener. There’s so much support usually in the office if you had any questions regarding particular areas of law. I also had to adapt to not being so social as I am but I hope we can get to do so.”

When asked about what they are most looking forward to being newly qualified, Ellie Karoubi who studied Law at Queen Mary, University of London and went on to study the LPC/LLM at the University of Law and is based at our Wimbledon office, said: “being able to manage my own caseload and being the first point of contact for clients, as well as third parties.

 “I would hopefully like to manage my own team in the future as well,” Ellie continued.

Louisa added: “all staff have been really wonderful and supportive in welcoming us into our new roles as qualified solicitors.”

Louisa said her favourite part of training was, “learning and training in different seats in various areas of law. I also enjoyed working in four different offices and was lucky to make some wonderful friends all over the South East.”

“I really enjoyed the conveyancing programme, it was really nice to just have some time away from the job to go into depth in a subject and have that time to ask questions, no matter how trivial,” Ellie Jaggard added.

“I also sat in an employment tribunal case, although virtually it was stressful at the same time, I loved the buzz from it.”

Tharindu commented, “before the pandemic, I loved going to the Royal Courts of Justice to shadow Counsel and meet with clients.”

Speaking about inspiring future solicitors, Ellie commented: “to always stay motivated because the hard work really does pay off.”

Louisa agreed adding “stick it out, you do not have much longer also, don’t slack on your training diary!”

 “Make sure you put 100% effort into all the different departments and get to know your colleagues in each department and office,” Tharindu suggested.  

“Associate yourself with other like-minded legal professionals who can support you through difficult and challenging times. Reach out for help and speak to other professionals who have been through the process,” added So Yung.

“Be prepared for a lot of stress and some tears but stick it out, if it was easy everyone would be one,” concluded Ellie Jaggard.

Adrian Jaggard, CEO, said: “congratulations to all of our newly qualified solicitors!”

“Well done for showing the tenacity to persevere through to successful completion of your training contracts.”

“Remote working has required you to operate in different ways and overcome learning challenges arising from your seats and the varying levels of social restrictions placed upon us all. You have all shown that you are very capable of going above and beyond when pressed, also embracing Smart Modern Law.”

“Well done on your qualifications and, good luck on your next chapter,” Adrian concluded.

Rachel Reeve, HR Director, said: “I am pleased to be able to congratulate our most recent intake of newly qualified solicitors to the business following their qualification.”

“They should all be proud of the dedication to their studies as well as the commitment to their training contract, with most having work from home and adapting to the challenges of remote working.”

“I wish them continued success as they start their legal careers with Taylor Rose MW,” she concluded.

Once again, we would like to take the chance to congratulate our newly qualified solicitors.



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