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Asia Pac Immigration Case Study

Our Manchester based Immigration team share a recent case study about Mr H, who is well known in the media industry in Malaysia

Mr H had agreed with his employer that he would be seconded to open a branch of their company in the UK and required advice about the best visa to meet his needs, and whether it was really viable to relocate when he had a young family.

Mr. H contacted Taylor Rose TTKW knowing that our solicitors had expert knowledge and experience of the different types of visas available, in addition to expertise in the Asia Pacific region.

With so many visa types available, it only required a brief chat to identify that the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa would be best suited for Mr. H and his employer as they could keep the original company name and operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The visa also allowed family dependants to join him, and they could stay in the UK on the visa for 5 years.

A number of documents were required from Mr. H, but as he had enquired 6 months prior to his intended travel date, he found himself with plenty of time to compile the documents on his end, while Taylor Rose TTKW could review each document carefully and prepare revisions to ensure that a strong application would be submitted.

The solicitors at Taylor Rose TTKW ensured that they provided their usual outstanding service by alleviating Mr. H’s fears about relocating his family by suggesting schools and calculating an estimate for living expenses. In addition, the staff organised a meeting with a high profile media organisation for Mr. H to identify the best location for the new subsidiary branch, in addition to providing templates and letters, to make sure that the process caused the least possible disruption to the busy client and his employer.

The application was finalised and submitted prior to the rise in Home Office fees, saving Mr. H money.

Mr. H further instructed Taylor Rose TTKW to prepare the applications for his dependants and worked closely with Mr. H to ensure that his children’s schooling would not be disrupted by the relocation. Mr. H also proceeded to instruct Taylor Rose TTKW on his commercial matter to ensure his company’s subsidiary was fully compliant with UK laws and that he could begin operating without delay. Taylor Rose TTKW made sure that the new subsidiary was registered a week after Mr. H arrived in the UK and helped him to arrange meetings with third parties to open a physical office in the UK. Going the extra mile to help Mr. H settle in and transition to working in the UK gave him more time to prepare for his young family’s imminent arrival.

If you would like more information about the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa, or which is the best visa for you, contact Taylor Rose TTKW on 0161 660 3333.



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