Tue 7 April 2015

More people should consider their digital legacy when they are drawing up a will, new research suggests.

The Co-operative FuneralCare study indicates that only around 25% of online bank account holders have arranged for their details to be passed on. It is advising people to include account details, including passwords; in a sealed letter to the executors of their will. The poll showed nearly 80% of executors encounter problems when managing an online account and trying to access accounts, and the study recommends people write down their passwords and make sure their trusted relatives will have access to it.

A few weeks ago, Facebook started the “legacy contact” option, allowing users to designate someone to manage their pages after death. If a user does nothing, and Facebook finds out that person has passed away, the posts on his or her page will be kept up, and the will be “memorialized” per that user’s settings.

Therefore people should consider how to plan ahead and put someone in charge of these digital assets, including whether to give the family the opportunity to take over accounts if something were to happen, so they can control certain information that could potentially get into the wrong hands.

Do you really want Mum and Dad (or old Uncle Harold for that matter) to be in charge of your selfies…?!

To learn more read Sandy Kaurs' blog; Digital Assets: How to plan for when you Die.

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