Wed 1 February 2017

Employment is one of the most rapidly growing areas of law in the UK, with regular developments that have far-reaching consequences. After article 50 is triggered many employment laws will revert back to the old English & Welsh laws and many new laws will have to be made.

Confusing isn’t it? Luckily as a law firm we have many lawyers knocking about and I have managed to get one of our partners to share his view on Brexit and how it may affect you. Luke Hutchings, a partner here at Taylor Rose TTKW shares his views below…

“There is a suspicion from many within the Trade Union movement and elsewhere that a withdrawal from the EU may pave the way for future right-wing Governments in the UK to water down or abolish various employment protections that have been enacted in the UK after being brought into law elsewhere in Europe.  Such rights include paternity leave and enhanced consultation where a mass redundancy is proposed by an employer.  Whilst no-one can say what might happen in the future, it is certainly the case that being outside of the jurisdiction of the EU Court of Justice would make it possible for these things to become a reality.”

Who knows if there will be a hard/strong/soft/blue/green/red Brexit? All we know is it’s going to happen, so if you do have any employment law questions please contact one of our teams for a free no obligation discussion on 01733 333 333 for our Peterborough office or 020 3540 4444 for our London office. 



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