Taylor Rose TTKW’s business partner Philips Trust Corporation makes Key Acquisition to Meet Changing Client Needs

Fri 13 April 2018

Taylor Rose TTKW’s Lichfield business partner Philips Trust Corporation has recently purchased the assets and database of The Will Writing Company (WWC) and the Family Trust Corporation (FTC).

Having been among the largest providers of estate planning in the UK, WWC and FTC have over 160,000 customers and assets under management in excess of £550m. CEO Tom Gormanly, who has been a prominent figure in the industry for over 25 years, was in search of a new owner who shared his vision on customer service excellence.

After discovering the innovative products and standard of service offered by Taylor Rose TTKW and Philips Trust Corporation, he felt sure that they were the right business to opt for, as well as confident in their ability to tailor bespoke legal services and investments to suit his clients’ needs.

Commenting on their expansion and plans for the year ahead, Philips Trust Corporation Managing Director Richard Wells stated “This is a landmark change and presents a key opportunity to secure the future of the business. This acquisition will mean further business development, as well as creating employment opportunities in both Lichfield and Manchester. In the near future, we also plan to have a new probate department to service the requirements of their huge customer database. A contact centre will be created in Manchester’s MediaCityUK to receive and make outbound calls to customers.”

Where Trust clients are concerned, the growing firm will soon be looking to recruit for Philips Trust Corporation to service and develop the 6,000+ existing customers.

Richard continued “It is our intention to strengthen and develop existing customer and family relationships with our business. I believe the future of face-to-face service is very important to this ageing consumer demographic and we will look to ensure that our estate planners can deliver and adapt to these changing societal needs. Tom had over 50 estate planners, and we may need a similar number to ensure customer needs are tended to and re-visited every 2-3 years. Our office staff may need to grow to the same number across the two cities.

“What’s more, we now have a real career path for ambitious staff who want to develop; our future success will, after all, be determined by our staff. We are looking forward to the future and are keen to embrace this exciting change.”

For more information please contact RIchard Wells on 01543 624062.  



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