Introducing our Legal Champion Star - SARAH RYAN, CONSULTANT SOLICITOR

Fri 27 April 2018 Introducing our Legal Champion Star - SARAH RYAN, CONSULTANT SOLICITOR

Congratulations to Sara Ryan, our Legal Champion STAR

Sarah is Trusts & Estates Practitioner who provides legal advice on Wills, Probate, Conveyancng, Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorney. Linked to the Peterborough office, she mainly works from Leighton Buzzard, servicing Bedfordshire based clients.

Her clients are full of enthusiasm for her refreshing manner who told us she is superb at what she does as well as being just very nice. In particular she received excellent survey feedback from both client and referrer who agreed that Sarah did a fabulous job and would recommend her without a doubt.

Taylor Rose TTKW introduced theThe Star Awards in 2018 to celebrate delivering excellent customer experience. The annual programme rewards both Legal ad Corporate colleagues on a quarterly basis. Our Legal Champion is selected from Lawyers and Executives who have had the best survey feedback, customer compliments, positive feedback from referrers and review feedback.

Taylor Rose TTKW operates from offices in London, LIchfield, Liverpool, Manchester, Northampton, Peterborough and Workington. 



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