Are you a former client of the Will Writing Company or the Family Trust Corporation?

Wed 23 May 2018 RICHARD WELLS

Senior Private Client Executive

What has happened to The Will Writing Company?

The Will Writing Company (‘TWC’), which was part of Estate Planning Group, went into administration on 14 February 2018.

Deedbank Document Storage Limited (‘Deedbank’) purchased certain assets of TWC before it went into Administration and subsequently a contract is now in place with Philips Legal Solutions Limited (‘PLS’) to service all existing clients of TWC. Please call the PLS team on 0121 285 3389 to discuss any questions you may have or changes you would like to make to your legal documents.

At the same time, PLS also purchased The Family Trust Corporation Limited (‘FTC’) share capital. For all enquiries regarding FTC, please call 0161 302 1155 to speak with a representative who will be happy to assist you.

How is Deedbank connected to TWC?

Deedbank are a separate entity to TWC. Deedbank are a company based in Nottingham who store legal documents on behalf of TWC and FTC clients who are paying for storage. PLS work closely with Deedbank as they sometimes may require sight of original documents. At present, Deedbank charge a fee for the retrieval of legal documents and they can be contacted regarding their requirements for retrieval on 0161 302 1155. Please note WWC have no dealings regarding nor ability to waive Deedbank fees.

I have paid TWC for ongoing changes to my Will and need to make a change. What should I do?

PLS are committed to servicing all TWC and FTC clients with the best customer service standards. As mentioned above, PLS work very closely with Deedbank. PLS have an agreement in place to service and honour previous agreements between TWC and FTC clients to make changes to existing Wills, where clients are paying for this service. If you are paying for free updates on your Wills, PLS will honour these agreements and nothing changes in respect of this.

Please call the PLS team on 0121 285 3389 to discuss any questions you may have or changes you would like to make, so we may guide you as to our requirements.

I have an existing trust held with The Family Trust Corporation Limited. How are they affected?

PLS pride themselves on making matters easy and transparent for the client. If you have an existing Trust, we can assure you that nothing has changed and your assets are securer than before. Our dedicated team are available to assist you with any enquiries you may have. Please call us on 0161 302 1155 to discuss your Trust matters further if you so wish.

Who are Philips Trust Corporation Ltd (‘PTC’)

PTC are a Trust Corporation with qualified and experienced staff in Trusts and its administration. PTC consultants are based nationwide. PLS have an agreement in place with PTC whereby they are to service clients on behalf of PLS. Although PLS and FTC are available on the telephone to answer all your enquires, PTC consultants are available to make home visits at no obligation and at your request.

How are Taylor Rose TTKW connected to all of the above?

The Managing Director of PLS, Richard Wells also operates a consultancy branch of the top 200 law firm Taylor Rose TTKW with the office based in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Taylor Rose TTKW have not purchased any part of TWC’s or FTC’s assets or share capital. Taylor Rose TTKW are only involved by way of offering legal advice to the trustees of FTC or PTC and carrying out the necessary legal work, as and when required. Unless you are a client of Taylor Rose TTKW, we would urge you to contact the relevant department numbers as stated above.

In the meantime, any Will Writing Company or Family Trust Corporation clients with queries can speak to the team in Lichfield – contact Richard Wells of Philips Trust Corporation and his team on 01543 624062.



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