CONVEYANCING UPDATE: Stamp Duty Deadlines Reduced to 14 Days from 1st March 2019


Consultant Solicitor

Fri 1 March 2019

Payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is due when you purchase a house, flat and other land at certain prices in England and Northern Ireland. For transactions with an effective date of on or after 1st March 2019 the Inland Revenue will be reducing the time limit for the filing of an SDLT return from 30 days to 14 days. Late submission of the return will result in a penalty.

Follow the steps below how to avoid paying a penalty for late submission:

Providing Information

Ensure you update your solicitor/legal representative with all the initial information that they request at the outset of the transaction, including, but not limited to, your ID documentation and national insurance number. This information is required to enable your solicitor/legal representative to complete the requisite Inland Revenue form.

Provide Additional Details

If your solicitor/legal representative requests further information to complete the form try to supply this information promptly to minimise delays in your solicitor/legal representative completing the form.

Review and Sign

In most instances your solicitor/legal representative will complete the form on your behalf and send it to you for approval and signature. Review the form and return it to your solicitor/legal representative as soon as possible, to avoid delays with submission. Ideally you should aim to return the form to your solicitor/legal representative together with the signed contract to ensure it is ready in time for completion.

Follow Up

The form will be submitted following completion and there is no harm following up with your solicitor/legal representative to ensure that they have done this.


If you receive a letter from the Inland Revenue regarding the payment of a penalty for late submission contact your solicitor/legal representative as in some instances this could be an error and your solicitor/legal representative may be able to show that the form was submitted on time, and no penalty is due.

Please email theodora.michaeloudis@taylor-rose.co.uk or call our residential property team on 01733 333333 for more information.




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