What does the next year hold for the International Womens Day?



Fri 8 March 2019 What does the next year hold for the International Womens Day?

Stephanie Creasey is an Associate Solicitor, Corporate and Commercial and is based in our Peterborough office. She advises on company contracts and agreements, transactional projects such as group restructuring and management buy outs, investment arrangements, corporate finance and business sales and purchases.. She lives locally with her husband and their two and a half-year-old son. Here she talks about Balance for Better as part of International Womens Day.

The barriers to women reaching senior positions are being broken down, but there is still a lot to be done.  During my career, I’ve seen an increase in women reaching the same career milestones as men. For example, we have had the first female president of the Law Society and first female majority in the Supreme Court. 

“My field is traditionally male-dominated due to the transactional nature of the work, which involves long hours, late nights and weekend work, all of which I have done. Purportedly, this deters women from working in the corporate area when they have children. 

“However there are now more women coming into this area of the profession due to advances in technology enabling employees  to work on a more flexible basis. This has been beneficial in improving balance for working parents, not just for women but for working fathers too, who want to spend time with their children."

“Ultimately more can be done to support both genders in the workplace. People should be considered on their ability to do their job and what they can bringto the table, be it contacts, work ethic or some other contribution. It’s far better to find out what people’s goals and aspirations are and help them to reach their full potential, rather than pre-judging someone based on their gender. The best secretarial support I have had was from a young male colleague who had just finished his law degree. By selecting him based purely on merit, we got the best person for the job."

"Inclusive policies in the workplace are a great step forward. We should all support each other and ask what we can do to help someone reach the next step.

 “In a short space of time, Taylor Rose TTKW have shown me they are a family-focused business. Since joining the company in January 2018, the support I have received and the flexibility I have experienced at work have been wonderful.I feel very lucky to be in a position where my career is developing and going from strength to strength while still being able to support and care for my family. 

Looking forward 20 years - in a perfect world, everyone would have the same opportunities, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and family circumstances, with people rewarded on merit for what they are capable of achieving, nothing else.  There would also be less stereotyping, and more kindness and support in the world. Let’s stop putting each other down and start helping each other out!”

Want to know more about Stephanie? Lets take a look behind the scenes:

Who’s your female hero? Karren Brady. An incredible businesswoman and mother who has made huge leaps in a traditionally male area by becoming CEO of a football club. She leads the way for more women to break into the senior levels in business while passionately supporting issues that affect everyone starting out in business.

What’s your key to success? A lot of hard work, perseverance and knowing when to ask for help. Dealing with issues as they arise and doing what I say I am going to do makes life that little bit easier. It’s all about being approachable and service with a smile!

What’s your top tip? Treat everyone the same and be yourself. Being yourself helps build relationships.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I enjoy spending time with my family and visiting friends,ten-pin bowling and exploring the countryside. We’ll often spend Sunday afternoons visiting houses and gardens, or we’ll have a family day out to a farm or a zoo. 

What are you:
Listening to: The Greatest Showman soundtrack - on repeat in my car.
Watching: The new series of Masterchef
Reading: The last book I read was Confessions of a Learner Parent.  I’m reading ‘The Dinosaur who Lost his Roar!’, to my son.
What’s your favourite travel destination: My first ever trip abroad was a school exchange to Lyon, France and since then, I’ve had a particular fondness for the country especially –Paris, where I spent a year studying as part of my degree, and the French Riveria  .
What’s the one thing no-one knows about you: I was a kick-boxer when I was younger and progressed fairly high in the grading system before I had to stop to focus on my A-levels

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