Taylor Rose TTKW Celebrates International Women’s Day 2020

Fri 6 March 2020 Taylor Rose TTKW Celebrates International Women’s Day 2020

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, we asked our female leaders to share their experiences and thoughts on working within the legal industry, what inspires them and their motivations to excel in both their work and private lives.


Charlotte Hedman 

Charlotte Hedman is Taylor Rose TTKW’s Consultant Liaison Manager. Based in Peterborough, Charlotte is responsible for the operational management of the firm’s network of Consultant Solicitors.

Charlotte’s professional background is in Compliance, but after joining the Consultant Liaison Team at Taylor Rose TTKW in January 2018, she was soon promoted to Manager. She now works with Director Antony Jaggard to recruit Solicitors who wish to work on a self-employed basis, and under the brand of an established and growing firm.

Her team provide on-boarding, training and everyday support as well as organising an annual conference for Consultants as well as networking events.

Charlotte’s hero is her mum; in fact, her family are her biggest cheerleaders and everything she does is for them and thanks to them. She says that her mum has never shown any fear in any situation.

Her motto in life is "you can be anything you want to be if you work hard enough for it" and it’s this philosophy that drives Charlotte forward.

Helen Lobozzo

Helen Lobozzo is the Client Care Manager at Taylor Rose TTKW. She heads the Peterborough based team who resolve client complaints and actively supports and influences the Firm’s continuous improvement programme.

Helen’s first taste of the legal industry was during work experience in a local Law Firm. She enjoyed it so much, she continued to work within the office over her summer break. In fact, Helen won her school’s Vocation Award for ‘Best Work Experience’.

Whilst her first job was not within the legal industry; Helen was drawn back to it and spring boarded her career within the legal industry.

She says she was lucky to work with lawyers who have always taken the time to answer questions and provide strong guidance and reasoning behind tasks. She has always enjoyed learning and understanding the different areas of law and firmly believe that knowing the logic behind processes and tasks is the key to making delivery second nature.

Helen has never experienced gender imbalance in the workplace but is an advocate of ensuring that females and males are represented across all areas of the firm.

Helen’s hero is Karen Brady. ‘ Karen pushed herself in her career in what was a very male dominated industry, this led her to become one of the youngest managing directors of a UK Plc. She also did this at a very young age; I believe her passion for business and success carried her through.’ She continued ‘Being male or female isn’t the important bit, what you learn along your journey and how you choose to apply it makes the difference.

Annemarie Pye

Annemarie Pye is Taylor Rose TTKW’s Operations Manager. She oversees the firm’s operations across ten offices and manages a diverse range of teams from reception to facilities. She was born, lives and works in Peterborough and was awarded the firm’s Corporate Star Award in 2019 for demonstrating excellence in client service. 

Annemarie was introduced to operations management at university during her degree in Business Studies. After a career opportunity arose in the legal industry with Jaggards (the original Taylor Rose TTKW) ten years ago, she is now a well-respected part of the senior management team. When it comes to diversity in the workplace, Annemarie says she has always found a good balance at Taylor Rose TTKW. She has been encouraged by a female manager to achieve her career ambitions and has always felt supported in her role.

When asked about her hero she commented: ‘I’m not sure I would use the word hero, but I do admire strong, independent women who will not be held back by their gender. Sinead Burke, who is an Irish writer, academic, influencer, activist and broadcaster, is a real inspiration as a little person, as my daughter has dwarfism. She is not held back by her small statue or the fact she is a woman. ‘ She continued ‘I believe we need to embrace differences – it’s not bad, just different!’.

Taylor Rose TTKW is an advocate of equality opportunities for all and wishes everyone a united International Women’s Day!



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