Remote working – How we provide an excellence service to our clients


Partner & Head of Client Care

Fri 17 April 2020 Remote working – How we provide an excellence service to our clients

Client Care Manager, Helen Lobozzo, who has over 20 years’ experience in the legal industry with a focus on residential property, shares some fantastic feedback from one of our clients about the service they received from Peterborough based Conveyancer, Katie (Khatidja) Valani.

Given the current pandemic, many areas of the legal services being offered are being adapted in line with The Law Society guidance. Many of our property consultants are well used to working remotely and since the lockdown, our property employees have also transitioned into this new way of working, we’ve had clients giving us some great feedback and below is an example of compliments received:-

"I have worked in finance for over 6 years and dealt with a lot of conveyancers in my time professionally. This was my second time buying a property personally and from start, to finish I was ridiculously impressed with Katie Valani who is hands down the best solicitor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. The speed of service, the efficiency, the accuracy, the clarity, the knowledge, everything was flawless. Halfway through my transaction we also had the coronavirus outbreak where Katie had to make the transition of working from home. I didn't notice any difference in her service whatsoever. She was always available, required no chasing ever and always came back to me instantly. The whole thing was a pleasure from start to finish and I feel honoured to have experienced such great work from Katie. Thank you to the Taylor Rose TTKW team and Liz Lennox for putting me in touch with Katie when I first reached out and enquired about needing a conveyancer."

It’s really encouraging to hear how our clients feel about our adaptive way of working and it reminds us that we have excellent individuals working with us. It’s clear to see that we as a firm are still able to provide our clients with an excellent service despite the country being in lockdown and having to operate remotely.

Thank you to all of our members of staff who are working hard during these difficult times. If you have any concerns about buying or selling your property during the lockdown, please get in touch and a member of our property team will be able to talk you through the process.

At Taylor Rose TTKW we have also adapted the way in which we verify ID to ensure your case can still be dealt with in the normal major. Prior to one of our conveyancers or solicitors starting work on your case, it is mandatory we carry out due diligence checks on all of our clients. This involves us verifying your ID and clients providing us with their proof of address. Although with the current restrictions on movement within the Country this is now an extremely difficult task to complete face to face. But we want our client to feel assured we have smart remote working practices in place to infill these checks virtually and efficiently.

We have teamed up with Credas who provide enhanced ID verification software through technology including cutting-edge facial recognition. This is done through a free app that clients will need to download to their smartphone or computer, meaning it is also accessible 24 hours/7 days a week. Click here to view the app through Google Play, or click here to download from the Apple App Store for iphone or ipad. Client data will then be stored in our case management system. Credas is the only identity verification provider to be accredited by HMRC for Regulatory Excellence. Using Credas software also makes the whole verification process a lot simpler and quicker, so we’re able to start working on your case sooner.

If you have any concerns about getting your ID verified please get in contact with your case handler in the first instance.



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