Taylor Rose Director Publishes 2nd Edition of Book


Director of Dispute Resolution

Wed 14 October 2020 Taylor Rose Director Publishes 2nd Edition of Book

Matthew Hoe, Taylor Rose’s Director of Dispute Resolution, has completed the second edition of ‘A Practical Guide to Costs in Personal Injury Claims’. It’s now available to buy on both Amazon and directly from the publisher, Law Brief Publishing.

The first edition of  ‘A Practical Guide to Costs in Personal Injury Claims’ was published in 2016.  The first edition was successful enough to pave the way for the expanded second edition. On publication of the first edition he said ‘The idea for the book first arose because there was nothing really good on the fixed costs regimes out there. Fixed costs apply to the majority of PI claims now. I wanted to cover everything on fixed costs, to make a useful everyday reference book. The concept expanded in discussion with the publisher, but I hope it covers off that original aim well.’ That very much still holds true for the second edition.

The new book is a significant revision over the first edition, covering the major costs cases of the last five years and with the opening fixed costs chapters substantially reorganised. It is an excellent ready reference on all the fine detail of fixed costs arguments for practitioners on both sides, insurers and the judiciary.

The book provides ‘expert insight into the way that cost claims work’. It takes the reader through the fixed costs regime, the issues with fixed costs and the limiting to fixed costs before going through procedure, assessments and appeals. Throughout the book there are helpful tips from Matthew to ensure ‘the right or the best resultfor all parties. It also includes a further reading section.

Matthew qualified as a solicitor in 2012 before which he already established as the Legal Director of well known costs firm Jaggards. Matthew has over 18 years’ experience in the costs industry and still heads Taylor Rose’s market leading costs department, alongside broader duties and a much diversified practice. He has higher rights of audience for advocacy in civil proceedings.

Matthew has acted successful in hundreds of costs cases over his career so far. Significant recent cases include Hislop v Perde, Bamrah v Gempride, Cham v Aldred and Adelekun v Ho. The book is full of hands on advice and the second edition covers those important cases and many more.

Whilst ‘the book is aimed at those working in personal injury claims’, it does offer insight on the overall subject of how fixed costs work for those working in civil litigation. The expansion of fixed costs is coming; and this book is a fine introduction for anyone facing fixed costs for the firm time in their area of specialism.

Law Brief Publishing currently lists the book for sale here. They also offer the opportunity to read a free chapter of the work here. Alternatively, you can buy the book on Amazon here. Amazon also offers a preview of the contents

Congratulations to Matthew on the publication of the 2nd edition. We are certain that this edition will be just as, if not more, successful than the first!

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