Consultant Solicitor

Location(s): Carter Lane

Phone: 020 3551 8386

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Chris works in commercial disputes since qualifying as a Solicitor in 1982. 

He specialises in the settlement of disputes involving Construction, Banking, Professional Indemnity, Companies, Shareholders, Property real and personal.  Chris uses all forms of dispute resolution and pre-emptive remedies process from negotiation, mediation arbitration and trial. 

Chris holds a BA Joint Honours Degree in Law/American Studies from Keele University (1979), an MSc in Arbitration and Construction Law from King's College University of London (2001), is CEDR accredited as a mediator holds a CEDR Certificate in Advance Negotiation (2012), is a Civil Mediation Council founder member, Registered Mediator and a former Independent Investigator for the Civil Mediation Council Disciplinary Sub-committee (2020), is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a former member of the Insolvency Lawyers Association, a Member of the Society of Construction Law and the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association. 

Chris's wide experience and knowledge acquired over many years with other leading professionals gives his clients cases a carefully managed strategic advantage.


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