Consultant Solicitor

Location(s): Peterborough

Phone: 0333 050 6925

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Keira has worked as a Property Solicitor since 2002 and is a founding member of Complete Property Deal. During her career, she has worked at top 15 law firms, small high street practices and in the public sector.

Keira now brings her wealth of experience to her clients and wishes to create a law offering which is more holistic in its approach.  Over years of working closely with clients, she has learnt that there is more to the property buying and selling process than the law and now is keen to provide a full service to clients, this includes financial, progression and other elements of property.

Within her own law practice, Keira specialises in commercial property and acting for investors purchasing buy to let portfolios and HMO properties.  She has particular expertise in commercial finance, re-finance and bridging finance for property.

Keira becomes fully involved with her clients’ businesses and seeks to understand their needs and pressures and works with them to achieve the best possible outcome for them.  This commerciality is an additional asset much appreciated by clients and adds value to their business.  Building these personal relationships means that clients come back to Keira time and again for her legal advice


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