Location(s): Peterborough

Phone: 03333 350002

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Stephen was called to the Bar in 2014 having qualified as a Solicitor in 2009. Shortly after qualifying as a Solicitor, he was granted Higher Rights of Audience as a Solicitor Advocate (All Proceedings, All Courts) and is a former partner of Taylor Rose, now working as a consultant. He has been praised by peers and clients alike for his clear, practical and thorough advice, and complimented by members of the judiciary on his written and oral advocacy.

Stephen is Immediate Past President of FOIL (the Forum of Insurance Lawyers) - the representative voice of the defendant insurance lawyer community. This position gives Stephen a leading and influential role in the legal insurance industry, helping to inform and shape government policy on a wide variety of issues, like fixed costs regimes, whiplash reform, pan-European insurance issues and the discount rate. As a result of his involvement with FOIL, Stephen is a member of: the MedCo Education and Training subcommittee; the Ministry of Justice Whiplash Reform Programme Guidance and Support Sub Group; and the SCCO Costs Practitioners Group.

Stephen Hines is an employee of CityGate Chambers Limited and provides services to clients of Taylor Rose through that company.


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