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Timothy qualified as a Solicitor, and a Barrister, and has been in private practice as a commercial litigator for more than 25 years specialising in contract and property law.

Timothy has experience of contractual disputes of all types ranging from an inter-bank (LMA) dispute, a Claim against the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the right of the Franchisor to terminate a US franchise agreement after 50 years, through to complex commercial contract claims and the recovery of unpaid professional charges from a corporate client of a firm of accountants.

Over the years Timothy has been instructed in relation to a variety of commercial property disputes from both landlords and tenants involving lease renewals, terminal dilapidations, wants of repair, forfeiture, arrears and repossession for the purposes of development.

Timothy has also acted in a spectrum of residential property disputes including housing law, long residential leases and the extension of long leases.

In conjunction with the above Timothy has knowledge of construction cases.

In the course of dealing with the above Timothy has gained experience in bringing and defending injunctions.


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