When experiencing problems at work it can be a daunting and stressful time. It’s easy for employees to feel out of their depth and be taken by surprise, but sometimes all that’s necessary is some friendly, straightforward advice guiding them through options.  

This is what we specialise in, clear practical guidance, support and solutions you can trust from employment specialists with a proven track record of successful representation and claims.

We are committed to ensuring you are treated fairly with a personable service, transparent fees and a promise that we will be there to protect your interests when you need us. 

For a free no obligation call with one of our employment team, please contact us on 01733 333 333 for our Peterborough office or 020 3540 4444 for our London office. 

We can assist with a variety of employment related issues including the following;

Grievances & Disciplinary Matters: Helping you to resolve difficulties at work, with practical guidance and support through the formal process.

Discrimination: Tackling discrimination issues such as age, gender, pregnancy, race, religion, disability paternity/maternity rights and equal pay.

Employment Contracts: Understanding your rights and obligations under your work contract.

Family & Flexible Working Rights: Providing you with advice on your parental rights as an employee.

Bullying & Harassment:: Advice on how to prevent or deal with abuse or harassment in the work place.

Holidays & Sickness: Guidance if you are in the position of unreasonable pressure due to sickness or time off.

Restrictive Covenants & Confidentiality: Advice on exactly what must be upheld and if they are enforceable.

Dismissal & Redundancy: Help if you have been unfairly dismissed or require guidance on a potential redundancy situation.

Representation: We can provide effective representation in both employment tribunals and the civil courts.

Please note that these are general issues, should you have a specific employment concern please contact our team who will be happy to discuss it with you further.

We have extensive expertise in advising employees in sensitive redundancy situations.  From determining whether a role is at risk of redundancy, to handling a consultation process, calculating redundancy payments, to deciding whether there is a suitable alternative role for an employee “at risk”.

Our team have dealt with a variety of redundancy situations and can help asses your circumstances to find a solution from the options available . We are here to help navigate you through the consultation process and most importantly support and ensure you get the appropriate settlement. 

For more information contact us on 01733 333 333 or alternatively our London team on 020 3540 4444. 


Our team has recently won accolades for its work in representing transgender people who have been the victim of bullying and harassment in the workplace. 

The targeting of transgender people is prohibited by the Equality Act 2010 and Tribunal claims can be brought against the employer and the individuals who have treated the victim less favourably (either by name-calling, exclusion (“cold-shouldering”), or even physical abuse. 

We have expertise on the rights of transgender people in the workplace and we are able to give sensitive and professional advice on the options open to those who might be subject to intimidating or offensive behaviour.

For more information please contact our team on 01733 333 333 or our London team on 020 3540 4444.

These documents, until recently known as Compromise Agreements, can be a useful way of recording the facts surrounding the termination of an employment relationship. 

A form of contract, these provide an employer the certainty of knowing that the employee is agreeing to settle a range of potential claims against it (without any admission of liability), and the employee can expect an agreed reference or perhaps an ex-gratia payment or loyalty payment in return. 

There are a number of tax issues that must be considered and a Settlement Agreement cannot be validly executed unless the employee signing it has taken the requisite legal advice.  We can provide this service and our costs in doing so are always met by the employer.

Please contact us on 01733 333 333 or alternatively our London office on 202 3540 4444. 

We are often contacted by employees who need to know “where they stand”. 

Sometimes they have not been provided with a contract of employment, or they have not been in receipt of a wage slip. 

Sometimes notice pay has not been paid to them or they have found, on termination, that they are due holiday pay that has not been credited to their account. 

Employees undergoing a disciplinary procedure have the right to be accompanied at certain meetings, and for the purposes of the fair hearing, should be entitled to appeal decisions reached at first instance.  Please contact a member of our team if you would like some advice on any issue concerning employee relations and employment rights on 01733 333 333 or our London team on 020 3540 4444. 



In uncertain times, some employers are unable to honour their obligations to make contractual payments of salary, commissions, or bonuses.  

Failures to pay these sums can often amount to breaches of contract and a continued failure to pay can lead to significant arrears.  We advise parties who have had their pay “stopped” or who have unexpectedly received shortfalls in the commissions or bonuses they were expecting. 

Persons in this situation need to take professional advice quickly, as being seen to accept or acquiesce in the behaviour can lead to your claim becoming weaker, or failing totally.  Wages are protected (in usual contexts the term “wages” can includes commissions) in the Employment Rights Act and employers can only withhold wages in very limited circumstances. For more information please contact our team on 01733 333 333 or our London team on 020 3540 4444. 

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with discrimination and harassment at works cases. 

We have expertise on the rights of every worker in the workplace, and are therefore able to give sensitive and professional advice on the options open to those who might be subject to intimidating or offensive behaviour.

If you feel like your career is being held back door to discrimination, or if you are being harassed at work then please contact our team for more information on 01733 333 333 or our London team on 020 3540 4444.

Useful Guides

Compromise agreement
Compromise agreement

A compromise agreement is a legal document that records the agreement between an employee and employer whereby the employee agrees to 'compromise', or not to bring, a claim against the employer in relation to any contractual or statutory claims they may have in relation to their employment or the manner of its termination. This type of agreement is typically in return for the payment of a sum of money from the employer to the employee. It may also contain details of additional ancillary agreements between the parties on topics such as: on-going confidentiality/ restrictions, agreed form references etc. Compromise Agreements can be very effective and, in essence, amount to a 'clean brea...


Aidy Boothroyd
Aidy Boothroyd

The service Luke provided certainly lived up to my expectations. Luke was prompt, efficient and ensured I was kept fully informed at every stage. The service was in a word, fantastic. Thank you.

Key Staff

Louisa Copsey
Louisa Copsey

Louisa is a partner in the firm’s corporate and commercial department. She undertakes a range of commercial work from advising on acquisitions and disposals and group restructures to employee share schemes, terms of business and business start-ups. Louisa also advises a range of corporate and individual clients on various employment law matters. Her work includes dealing with employment issues arising out of corporate transactions, the hiring and firing of employees (including compromise agreements) and giving pragmatic advice on the many employer/employee disputes that can arise.

Case Studies

Increased termination payment
Increased termination payment

Our team were approached by a senior employee of a large multinational company, who had been offered the choice between entering into a performance management programme, or accepting a termination payment of £3,000. Our client was very concerned; however we were able to successfully negotiate more than a six fold increase in the termination payment. The final payment was £18,500 and this was together with the retention of other company benefits such as the company car and outplacement services. In addition to this, we were also able to recover a substantial amount of our fees from the client’s employer, allowing our client to get even more from their benefit package. 

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