Very few things in life are more important than family, and whether you are embarking on a long term relationship or facing the breakdown or separation of your family, our trusted and experienced family law team are here to support you with honest, straightforward and quality legal advice for a successful outcome.

Our sympathetic and friendly family team will guide you through your options, whether you are interested in preventative work to safeguard your future, or advice on issues such as divorce, property and financial matters.

Our solutions are bespoke and created with the idea of meeting the needs of the whole family. We offer a service entirely tailored to suit your requirements, but with a fixed fee outlined from the offset, providing peace of mind and a practical cost effective approach.

For information on our fixed fees please consult our guides for details, or our family team for a no obligation discussion of your needs on 01733 333 333 or 020 3540 4444 for our London office. 

Divorce & separation: We understand how difficult it can be to discuss and seek guidance when your relationship reaches a point where you cannot reconcile, which is why we offer a sympathetic and friendly service which will establish your situation and needs; providing you with guidance on your options as well as giving details of the fees involved before proceeding. Our aim is to always ensure that we take a sensitive and non-confrontational approach that allows us to reach a solution which is beneficial for everyone and suitable for your individual family circumstances, without the need for court action and any unnecessary stress if possible.

Cohabitation: As the amount of people living together unmarried increases, the need for preventative measures in law protecting both parties also rises. We can provide guidance on your legal rights and options which will help with the division of assets in the future should you separate.

Property & financial arrangements: Our family team can assist you with drawing up contracts outlining any financial arrangements and the division of assets you wish to make clear before entering into a relationship or into marriage. We can also assist with guidance on how to protect property and other assets for children.

Prenuptial agreements: If you intend to marry but would like to protect any assets acquired before marriage such as an inheritance, business or property, we can assist with a pre-nuptial agreement. This is a contract which has been designed to secure various assets in the event of a divorce.

Contact & residence disputes regarding children: Disputes over children are often very emotionally charged and it is easy to become confused with what’s best for the children involved. We offer a sensitive and non-confrontational approach to finding a solution appropriate for all parties, but with the child’s welfare always placed first.

Checking the validity of your marriage within UK law: If you have married abroad or did not marry in an approved location there may be doubts over the validity of your marriage in the UK, which can cause issues later if and when your relationship comes to an end. We can help you take action now, and guide you through proceedings should you find your marriage invalid in the UK.

Injunctions and abuse: Being the victim of domestic violence can be a traumatic and distressing experience, domestic violence is against the law and there are injunctions you can take out for preventative measures if you are experiencing or are in fear of domestic violence. Our solicitors will guide you through your options and help assess the situation to establish what is the best course of action is for you.

Civil partnerships: A civil partnership ensures the legal rights of a same sex couple living together, providing that couple with the same rights as a married couple should their relationship break down in the eyes of the law. Our solicitors can help you with any questions you may have before entering into a civil partnership, or the dissolution of one.

We also offer a range of fixed fee legal services including divorces, finance agreements as well as child residence and contact work. For a full list of our fixed fees please see our guides for details links or call our family department.

Useful Guides

Disputes over children
Disputes over children

When a relationship breaks down and there are children involved the difficult issue often arises as to who the children should live with and how often they should spend time with the other parent. Many parents are able to successfully make arrangements between themselves, but there are a significant minority who for one reason or another are unable to come to an agreement with which they are both satisfied. If parents are unhappy with arrangements this can have a knock on effect on the children involved. It is therefore essential to try to deal with these matters early on. What Orders can be made? 1. Residence Order This is an order setting out whom the child(ren) will live with for...

Key Staff

Kalpana Shah
Kalpana Shah
Consultant Family Lawyer

Kalpana has a depth of experience in all aspects of family law having qualified in 1993 and specialised in this area of law ever since. Kalpana joined Taylor Rose TTKW in 2016 having worked as the senior family law solicitor at Mills Chody for the last 17 years. Kalpana is able to advise on all aspects of financial settlement, from sale or transfer of the family home, maintenance, pension and lump sum claims. Having undertaken the full spectrum of financial proceedings She is able to give strategic advice on how to plead a case. She has an intuitive and astute ability to articulate a case to achieve a fair and just settlement. Over the years Kalpana has encountered a complex variety of c...

Case Studies

Judge Sir Paul Colleridge: Pitfalls of DIY divorce
Judge Sir Paul Colleridge: Pitfalls of DIY divorce

The perils and pitfalls of failing to invest in specialist legal advice can lead to expensive headaches later on... A Judge has recently ruled that a 1.8million DIY divorce settlement should be ripped up as the husband had failed to provide his wife with information about his financial circumstances. The husband and wife had wanted to divorce and therefore the wife had decided to proceed with the proposed financial settlement without obtaining legal advice. However, the wife subsequently found documentation regarding the husbands financial dealings. This showed that the husband had shares that were worth up to 740,000 pounds in a company with a turnover of 50million pounds. He ha...

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Our family solicitor discusses why family law is so important, his role in the department and his most challenging cases.

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