Low Value Personal Injury Claims

Low Value Personal Injury Claims

This sector has seen prodigious change in recent years and the changes are still coming.

Taylor Rose TTKW is uniquely placed to ensure that your claims practices, procedures and philosophies are kept up to date. Many of the changes which have been introduced have been informed by data provided by Adrian Jaggard (partner) as Managing Director at Jaggards Ltd. Adrian is a member of the Civil Justice Council Costs Committee and Civil Justice Council Court Fees Consultative Panel. He routinely supports the Ministry of Justice, Civil Justice Council and the Association of British Insurers in the supply of data and industry expertise for the development and delivery of emerging legislation.

Such claims are, by definition, mechanistic – we have the processes in place to ensure our clients’ interests are best represented in such claims, whether motor, EL, PL or disease.

For more information please contact our teams on 01733 333 333. 

As a commercially-minded and diverse firm specialising in b2b contracts and working with some of the largest nationally-recognised compensators in the UK, we have an intuitive understanding of the needs of defendants of all types and their insurers which comes from years of experience in the claims industry.

Within pre-agreed service levels and ‘Roadmaps’, we offer a full claim lifecycle service – from initial investigation right through to costs, including appeals.

We have consistently found that having our genesis at the forefront of costs litigation has given us an edge over our competitors when it comes to identifying leakage and proposing solutions. Our ability to think laterally is applied day in, day out – it is in everything we do – on a case by case basis and when reviewing and manipulating MI and reporting. Clients find our approach invaluable.

By reviewing our industry-leading MI, we see the bigger picture, identify seemingly minor variations in claims handling which can bring significant savings in the aggregate. We liaise with clients to implement the changes necessary to bring about these savings to overall indeminty spend.

Operating a low claim-count per fee earner relative to our competitors allows us to give attention to detail – in turn, that delivers measurable savings. Our litigation expertise is recognised industry-wide. We pride ourselves on unique systems such as centralised diaries and case management systems and processes which capture around 250 fields of information per claim. This can be fed back to monitor performance/behaviour of claimants, compensators and ourselves.

We strive for better – we cannot do that by ‘working to rule’ – we exceed clients’ expectations. We add value to our services where other legal service providers do not. If you want something from us, just ask:

  • Impromptu and urgent telephone/email advice on uncertain/problem areas
  • Free protective letter (including a reference) to the other side, notifying them of our instruction – often a determinative deterrent to litigation
  • Bespoke, ad-hoc reporting and MI analysis
  • Updates and advice on emerging legal issues/case law
  • CPD-accredited training delivered to your handlers at your offices in accordance with your requirements
  • Discounted access to our suite of online legal documents (

These are all things we offer to our clients for no extra charge. 

When considering whether to compromise a claim or allow it to proceed to Stage 3, an accurate costs/benefit analysis is essential.

The Low Value Claims Processes are peculiar in this respect; there is no scope for getting it wrong.

We offer our clients the unique opportunity to gain the benefit of our extensive experience without needing to instruct us to deal with the claim or Stage 3.

By sending the medical reports, details of the special damages (the Settlement Pack) and any further supporting documentation to us electronically, we can provide you with advice on quantum within 24 hours at a fraction of the cost of instructing counsel.

For more information please see ‘our fees’ or contact one of our team today.

Our clients receive a range of benefits when choosing to engage us as a supplier in Low Value Claims.

We offer an audit service and in-house training to assist with the ultimate aim of all Stage 1 and Stage 2 claims being handled in-house.

Our targeted auditing and training ensures that the claims process is followed correctly, gaps are plugged and you acheieve a shift in costs expenditure and overall savings.

If you would like to arrange for an audit or training (whether you are a client or not), please contact us today on 01733 333 333.

At Taylor Rose TTKW we are dedicated to ensuring our fees are flexible and adaptable to the client’s needs, operating on either a fixed fee or hourly rate basis. For this service our fees also include a review of any costs claim and apply to all claims within a process regardless of geographical location.

Whether our fees are on an hourly basis or fixed, you will receive the benefit of a protected position free of charge on the same day the case is logged onto our case management system. We will write to the claimant’s solicitor to inform them of our instruction, acting as a strong deterrent to litigation.

If you do choose to instruct Taylor Rose to act at Stage 3 on a fixed fee basis after using our QRS, the QRS fee will be deducted from the fee for the Stage 3 instruction, meaning we can offer Stage 3 representation at zero cost.

If you would prefer to instruct us on an hourly basis, the QRS fee will still be deducted if the hourly rate fees exceed the QRS fee.

For more information on our fee arrangements please contact our team on 01733 333 333.

Useful Guides

Defendant problems at Stage 3
Defendant problems at Stage 3

This note has been produced in order to highlight the issues which cause defendants’ offers to be beaten at Stage 3 hearings and to suggest some solutions which may be adopted to ‘stop the rot’. Experience shows that defendants will normally lose a Stage 3 hearing (whether paper or oral). That can be for a variety of reasons, but the problem is not at Stage 3 of the Process – it’s at Stage 2. It’s no secret that defendants’ general damages offers are often lower than the JC Guidelines. That is on the basis that more claims settle than do not and so the increased costs payable in those cases which do go all the way (and lose) are more than compensated for by the aggregate ...


Senior claims handler- AXA insurance
Senior claims handler- AXA insurance

I would like to thank Stephen for his assistance and investigation work carried out on our file, this was quite an unusual case where a father was claiming injury for his child after a RTA, we were proceeding to settle the claim when the mother contacted Stephen and advised that the child was not injured and that the father was pursuing a fraudulent claim. The case became non DA and Stephen continued to deal with the file on AXA’s behalf, Stephen built up a good relationship with the mother and she assisted with all investigations and provided a witness statement that we produced as evidence to the courts. We took the stance to run this to trial despite the risks we believed that we had a ...

Key Staff

David Cooper
David Cooper

David Cooper is well known and widely respected. He is knowledgeable on a diverse range of legal topics, and often shares over 33 years' experience in law at seminars and conferences across the UK. David is a Chartered legal Executive. He is also a Costs Lawyer and has a particular specialism in commercial litigation. He has an enviable variety of interesting civil litigation experiences which has allowed him the opportunity to work on cases involving other jurisdictions including Jersey, France, USA, The Bahamas and Hong Kong. David has oversight of civil litigation, commercial litigation and costs budgeting work. In his own practice he specialises in very complex civil litigatio...

Case Studies

Brown v Ezeugwa - Application of CPR 45.24
Brown v Ezeugwa - Application of CPR 45.24

Brown v Ezeugwa - Application of CPR 45.24 His Honour Judge Simpkiss (sitting with District Judge Lethem as assessor) has found that in a case which settles without proceedings where the order (deemed or otherwise) is for costs to be assessed on the standard basis, CPR 45.24 enables the court to limit a costs claim to Portal costs. Master Simons found in Davies v Greenway (SCCO, 30/10/13) that the rule only applied post-trial (although he did accept that the court could get to the same result using CPR 44.5 (as it then was)). An extempore judgment was given on 23 January 2014 but has only recently been received.. If you would like a copy of the judgment then please email stephen....

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