Commercial Immigration

Commercial Immigration

Immigration law is a very specialised area and it is important to choose the right lawyer and firm for you, especially since our Immigration laws, rules and guidance change constantly and often dramatically.

You need to know that your lawyer keeps abreast of these changes and has the right strategy for dealing with your case (which will vary case to case) which comes with experience and being in front of the Immigration Judges.

Taylor Rose TTKW has a specialist immigration and employment team. 

We have acted for clients all over the world, including Europe, various African countries, Japan, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Honduras, USA, Europe, Morocco and Canada, in both private and commercial immigration matters. 

For more information please contact our immigration team on 01733 333 333. 

We can assist you in a variety of areas, including the following;

  • Sponsors licences (employers under Tier 2 and Tier 5 and education under Tier 4) – that is first applications for a licence and renewal applications (which happen every 4 years). We are also able to assist where your Licence may have been revoked and/or suspended and downgraded from an ‘A’ rating to a ‘B’ rating. 
  • HR Compliance, audits, staff training, drafting, checking and implementing polices and procedures.
  • Points Based System (‘PBS’) applications, this includes: Tier 1 (Investors), Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs), Tier 4 (Child and General Students), Tier 2 - skilled workers including Tier 2 (General), Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer (ICT), Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) and Tier 2 (Sportsperson) and Tier 5 Temporary Workers).
  • Other work type visas such as: domestic workers in a private household, representative of an overseas business visa, Turkish business person visa.
  • EU, EEA & Commonwealth visas, including: EEA Family permits, UK Residence Cards, UK Ancestry visas, EU Derivative Rights of Residence Card, Right of Abode & Croatian registration certificates (purple, blue and yellow).
  • Entry clearance visas, leave to remain and indefinite leave to remain (otherwise called settlement) applications.
  • Visiting visas – there are different types, such as medical treatments, business visits etc.
  • British citizenship and British nationality (otherwise referred to as naturalisation).
  • Appeals before the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.
  • Civil penalties/fines for employers for employing illegal workers – it is now an up to £20,000 fine. All employers should have on record every employee’s right to work in the UK.
  • Excise and Customs – offering information on what goods (and the permitted quantity) can be brought into the UK and challenging any decisions made to confiscate goods.

Regrettably we do not deal with asylum work, nor do we have a legal aid contract. Where possible we shall try to offer a fixed fee for the work to be carried out.

For more information please contact our immigration team on 01733 333 333. 

There are 5 main reasons for someone who is not British and/or European for coming to the UK:

  1. Work
  2. Transit
  3. Visit
  4. Study
  5. Family

Under the work and student categories we have the Points Based System (‘PBS’) and Rebecca has a wealth of experience in helping a variety of employers become Licensed Sponsors, under Tier 2 (for skilled workers) and Tier 4 (students).

You can nominate Taylor Rose TTKW to be a Level 1 user, as the Home Office will grant you access to a Sponsorship Management System 'SMS'.

We are able to train staff members (such as the Authorising Officer, Key Contact and Level 1 and Level 2 users). We are also able to prepare policies and procedures and help implement them.

The responsibilities and duties of a Sponsor are high, we appreciate that this task may be one of many in terms of running your business and we can help take some of the pressure away. We can help you sporadically or on a one off basis, on a weekly/daily basis, or on a hotline telephone basis. We are able to support you as much or as little as you would like, with you controlling the legal fees. Our service to you offers a plan that will be tailored with each clients specialist requirements in mind.

Once your Licence has been approved, the Home Office aims to visit Sponsors every 12 months. The Home Office may not always announce that they will come to visit you, sometimes they just drop in!  This is why it is important that the correct records are kept and that procedures are followed.  Failing to meet your responsibilities could incur serious consequences, such as having your licence removed, being fined and in some cases individuals could find themselves personally liable and in the criminal courts.

Immigration law is always changing, for example we saw the Immigration Act introduced this year which brought changes to Landlord and Tenant law, where private Landlords will need to check the right of a private tenant to be in the UK, or face a fine. Even GP’s and NHS staff will need to carry out checks.

Getting the right advice early on, could save you time and money. See our case studies for examples. We will break down the complex rules and laws, in easy to manage bite size pieces at affordable prices and by appropriately trained staff.

The team will offer workshops and seminars, for notifications of events, please follow Taylor Rose TTKW on Twitter & Linked In for details or contact the team on 01733 333 333. 

Useful Guides

Preventing illegal working, what the employer needs to know
Preventing illegal working, what the employer needs to know

New requirements to prevent illegal working - what the employer needs to know From 16 May 2014 employers owe a more strenuous duty to undertake checks to satisfy the requirements of the law preventing illegal working.  Employers must prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out document checks on people before employing them to make sure they are allowed to work in the UK. These new requirements have been introduced to try to decrease the number of illegal workers and their mistreatment resulting in tax evasion and illegal housing conditions and to ensure less adverse impact on those who are lawfully in the UK.  They are also intended to strengthen and simplify the civil...

Case Studies

Commercial immigration law:the facts
Commercial immigration law:the facts

Below we have outlined some of the hard facts you may need to know if you are employing a non British national, for more information please contact us on

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