Consultant Solicitor


Phone: 020 3384 1987

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Yinan qualified as a Solicitor in 2011.

Yinan is bilingual in Chinese and English and advises clients across a broad range of legal areas but specialized in commercial transactions, leases, residential conveyancing and handling overseas investors’ transactions including plot sales and plot purchase. She has also been known to advise her clients in regards to immigration, landlord and tenants. She was working for the Bank of China (UK) Limited and is familiar with international banking services and systems and has great contacts with financial institutions and other international estate agents.

Yinan continues to forge close links with the Chinese business community who are looking to invest in UK property, whether it be a single property acquisition or the purchase of residential, commercial or mixed use developments.

This bespoke service helps Chinese investors to understand the intricacies of the UK legal system and to benefit from expert property advice in immigration, commercial and residential property sectors.


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