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Uncovering the truth

Our team of experienced specialist abuse lawyers understand that it can be incredibly difficult to discuss and relive events. Our lawyers will work with you in a sympathetic and patient manner to assist you from the beginning to the end of your claim. 

If you require trusted advice from one of our experts please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to talk.

Child Abuse or neglect

Children are often the silent victims of sexual, emotional, psychological racial and/or physical abuse.  

Our specialist lawyers can help you claim compensation from the individual or organisation responsible. Our lawyers can assist with both a civil claim for damages or non molestation order and with representing your interests in any criminal proceedings against the abuser.

We have dealt with claims against celebrities and public figures, including claims relating to the Jimmy Saville litigation. We also assist with claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. 

Confidentiality is assured at all stages and all potential funding options are considered including legal aid and no win fee.

Claims Against a Public Authority

We are often instructed in cases where a child has been sexually and/or emotionally abused or neglected whilst in the care of a local authority. This can have followed abuse at home, with the child being removed from their home and then suffering abuse at their local authority placement. This can also occur with fosters carers or whilst in the care of others responsible for the care of that child.

We recognise that financial compensation does not take away suffering.  We will assist you in a way which is most comfortable for you. 

Whilst every case is different, the process is usually made up of the following stages

  1. Fact finding - firstly we meet with you to discuss what has happened to you, to understand your case and what you would like us to do.
  2. Report - we can assist you in reporting the abuse and liaising with the police once the abuse has been reported.
  3. Evidence – we will help you obtain evidence from a medical expert to confirm the extent of the trauma you suffered as a result of the abuse. This includes assistance in dealing with any physical injuries you may have sustained as a result. We will also help you deal with the difficult and emotional aspects of what happened to you. In most, if not all cases, expert medical evidence will be required.
  4. Contact with the Defendant – we will deal with all contact with the perpetrator on your behalf so that you no longer need to see or deal with them.
  5. Prepare the case for Court - following a full investigation of your case, we can assist you in preparing and issuing a claim at Court whilst guiding you throughout the process. 

We are able to offer a number of different funding options. These are :

  1. Legal Aid – this is available in some cases.  There is a means (financial) and merits test which both need to be passed before funding is granted.
  2. Conditional (no win no fee) Fee Agreements.
  3. Private funding.

We can discuss the best funding option for you when we meet to discuss your case.

If you have been the subject of abuse and would like further advice on your options, we can help. Our team will discuss your options with you in a sensitive manner whilst ensuring that you are comfortable with how the case progresses. To learn more and reach out to a member of our team, please get in touch

Taylor Rose specialist child neglect and abuse lawyers

Working with you in a sympathetic and patient manner

Historic sex abuse
We regularly advise on and act for victims of historic abuse from all sorts of sources be this abuse at school, at clubs, in care homes, by an individual.  These cases bring their own challenges, the most difficult of these being time limits in which these claims can be brought(limitation).  There can be a number of reasons why these Claimants have not come forward earlier and these reasons need to be examined very carefully.

In such cases, an individual may have suffered abuse a long time ago. For example, they may have suffered abuse as a child but not be able to acknowledge the abuse or deal with it until many years later. Our team of professionals are very well experienced in dealing with cases like this which can be often hard fought and lengthy.


Contact us for a completely confidential and discreet discussion about child abuse claims


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