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Building & Construction Disputes for Individuals

At Taylor Rose MW we have the skills to act for builders who have remained unpaid as well as for those who have had building works carried out but are dissatisfied with the services. We also have experience in dealing with new build disputes where you are encountering problems with the developer.
If you require trusted advice from one of our experts please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to talk.

We will guide you through the process and will inform you of your best steps to try to recover the sums you may be owed. We will also advise if you could claim for losses above and beyond the money you have paid out. We will strive to settle the matter for you without having to incur litigation costs. Sometimes this becomes inevitable, so we will advise you on the litigation processes, your likely chance of success and potential disputes.

It is often necessary to engage an expert on building disputes which can be done before proceedings are issued if the parties agree, and will usually result in an early settlement. 

Where proceedings become necessary, we could deal with the matter on a staged fixed fee basis. This is where each stage has a fixed fee where you will be informed of precisely what work will be carried out for that fee.  In larger disputes it is not always possible to do this, in which case we will provide estimates of fees as the case progresses.

We may even be able to deal with a case on a no win no fee basis once we have properly assessed the matter. However, some up-front fees may be required to properly assess the claim and your opponent must be good for their money. This is more common when acting against construction companies on new build disputes.

We can assist with the following types of building disputes:

  • Payment disputes
  • Disputes regarding poor or substandard work
  • Errors within building contracts
  • Disputes of payment terms of contractual terms
  • Negligent work
  • Contractual disputes involving architects, planners, surveyors and other third parties involved in the building contract
  • Disputes with a project manager
  • New build disputes where your new property has not turned out to be what it was expected to be.

Our team is experienced in dealing with a variety of disputes in the building industry. Complex cases may involve situations where the builder has conducted the work but the fault lies with a third party. Often this is not obvious, but once we are aware of the full background to the case we can advise properly on who is to blame and who you should claim against.

Having a large renovation undertaken can be exciting but come with some daunting terms and conditions.  We are also experienced on large projects where you required advice on the contract you are about to enter into, and you are unsure if some of the provisions are burdensome . We can provide full advice on the contractual terms helping you to ensure that you will not fall foul of the “small print” at a later stage in your project.

Buying a brand-new home unfortunately these days can come with extra surprises and problems. We can provide an initial view on whether you may be able to claim against the developer or under the NHBC warranty. On occasion, every trick in the book may be used by developers to avoid dealing with issues.  Sometimes things take months to resolve which causes distress to you as owners of a new home. However, the right approach to either, in the correct terms, will often quickly solve the problem.

Our team is experienced in the areas listed above and would welcome the opportunity to provide a free consultation to firstly establish if there are good grounds to take the case forward. We will carefully listen to your case and understand how you have fallen into dispute, then explain if there is a possibility for you to recover any losses.

Taylor Rose MW Solicitor Services in Commercial, Employment, Property and Family Law.

We are upfront with clients if a case is likely to cost more than the sum you will recover. We will be transparent on fees and we will help you through what may be a stressful situation but try to resolve things for you as quickly as possible.

Please do get in touch if you need our expert advice and assistance in this area.

If you require trusted advice from one of our experts please get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to talk.

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