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A healthy and efficient relationship between directors, shareholders, and partners is often essential to the running of a company – however, there are times when this may seem impossible. In these circumstances it is often crucial that a timely and appropriate solution is found. Our commercial litigation team has a wealth of knowledge and experience with handling disputes and disagreements between directors, partners, and shareholders.
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When these important discussions break down, it can cause stress and hostility to all those involved and send waves of discomfort through the entire business. In turn, this can affect the decision-making capabilities and day-to-day management of the business.

Whether you have fallen out with a fellow director or are having a shareholder’s dispute or any other type of management disagreement, we will listen carefully to ensure that clear and appropriate advice is given on the best way forward to resolve the issue quickly and limit the impact on the company.

Being in any of these kinds of disputes can be stressful and daunting – particularly when you are alone in your legal battle – but we can help to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We aim to achieve an efficient resolution of the dispute while taking into consideration the concerns and positions of all parties. We have the know-how to negotiate for you the best way out or to advise on the relevant proceedings which may become necessary to protect your position.

Such proceedings may include complex board-level conflicts derivative claims to force the directors to take action, or unfair prejudice claims where the minority shareholders have been disadvantaged. Such cases are often expensive to resolve in the courts, so an attempt to negotiate the best way out of the conflict will always be made for you. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is becoming an increasingly efficient tool to enable a resolution between parties to avoid long and costly court proceedings.

Our team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in director and shareholder obligations and partnership claims. Whether you have fallen out with your partners or are being threatened with proceedings yourself, we will examine all the relevant documents carefully and advise you on your rights under your partnership agreement. We act for shareholders and directors of all companies, from small businesses to large organisations (including charities), to ensure that the best interests of our clients are at the heart of our fight for a resolution.

If you have been served with an injunction, it is never good to delay your response. Our team will be on hand to work on these matters quickly and efficiently. We can guide you through the process, advise on the best course immediately and ensure you get the best representation required to fight your corner. 

On the other hand, if you are bringing a claim that we assess as likely to be successful in recovering damages, then it may be possible to involve a litigation funder. This is usually a good path as bringing such claims can often be costly. Insurance may also be obtained to cover your adverse costs, all based on a strong barrister’s opinion. Otherwise, fees can sometimes be dealt with on a stage fixed fee, but for more complex matters, you will be provided with cost estimates wherever possible to ensure that you are kept informed of the likely cost.

Our team of experts will strive to provide a good idea on the best way forward and to help minimise the stress involved with these types of actions. If you are involved of any of these kinds of disputes, then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation.

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Our commercial litigation team has experience in a wide range of commercial disputes, including:

  • Directors breaching their fiduciary duties
  • Disputes of a fall out on the strategy and running of the company
  • Removing directors
  • Issues concerning directors defrauding the company of funds or assets
  • Minority shareholders not being treated fairly
  • Shareholders falling into dispute and wish to part ways
  • Transfer of assets to directors for an undervalue
  • Unpaid loan accounts by directors
  • Unpaid dividends
  • Disputes of the sum of dividends due
  • Dispute of the value of your shares
  • More complex fall outs following a share sale or options agreement
  • Any type of partnership dispute

If you require trusted advice from one of our experts please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to talk.

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