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Commercial, Financial & Property Contract Disputes

Our commercial litigation team can assist you on all contract disputes involving general commercial contracts, financial contracts and property contracts. Such disputes may arise from small business contracts to large complex disputes.
If you require trusted advice from one of our experts please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to talk.

We have extensive experience with disputes involving financial institutions both bringing and defending actions. This includes disputes over extortionate or unfair credit terms, regulatory requirements and generally whether the agreements entered into are valid. We advise on enforcing security you may hold, such as guarantees or legal charges.

We can also advise on and deal with actions involving general commercial contracts. This can be where the terms have been breached or where there have been problems with performance of the contract for other reasons such as force majeure or frustration.  

Whether you are a claimant or defendant, we always provide advice at each stage to confirm the risks involved in your case and the cost consequences. We can examine terms and advise on the strength of your case so you can have an early indication of whether you may have a good claim.

We can assist in litigation involving lenders, including guarantees whether you are enforcing the same or defending an action against you. We can examine the lending terms and advise on your rights, particularly if you feel the lending terms are unfair. In the event that a company has gone insolvent, we can support you in recovery from a guarantor or if you are being pursued to pay under a guarantee.

We also advise on large contracts to ensure they suit your needs. We can help where you may want general advice on terms and need to know if you are safe in signing them. In addition, you may need advice in covering potential problems in a contract you are requiring someone else to sign.

The team is highly skilled and supervised with the right expertise to resolve, bring or defend litigation in these areas. We are experienced in negotiations and mediations and because litigation is never cheap, we always strive to ensure that we reach a settlement for you to avoid hefty cost liabilities.

We have experience in dealing with trials and appeals and are fully familiar with the processes under the Civil Procedure Rules required to assist you.  

Our lead partner has over 25 years’ experience in complex litigation matters involving technical issues, particularly in financial matters, such are those involving banks, factoring companies and currency matters. Having dealt with some high value litigation, she can advise on and defend injunctions. She can also apply for specific performance orders to enforce terms of a contract both for general terms and property related.

To find out more about how our team can assist you with your commercial and financial contract disputes, get in touch.

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We can offer a free initial consultation and will always keep you updated on fee estimates where possible. Before we are able to take a case on, we may have to examine some documents and have additional conversations with you. You can then decide after we have properly assessed the case if you wish to proceed with us.

We can deal with small to medium matters on a staged fixed fee basis, which provides you with transparency on fees.

We also deal with cases on various fee structures. Sometimes we can offer a no win no fee or even to take the case on a realisation only basis. This is where we only take fees once we have won the case. Other complex cases are taken on an hourly rate.

If you require trusted advice from one of our experts please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to talk.

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