Katie Valani - New Graduate

Wed 29 May 2019 Katie Valani - New Graduate

I feel proud of myself for getting this far and actually passing!

The best thing about the course for me was the support I received from Liz Lennox and the Title Checkers, and applying the theory to practice.

The most challenging part of the course was receiving my own files and being ‘let loose’ to work on them.  I overcame this by putting my training into practice and made sure I reviewed my file and manuals at least four times a week, not just at work but also at home.

Another challenge I had was being a full-time assistant administrator at the same time as being on the training programme, working on my own files, while managing and prioritising two workloads. Becoming a conveyancer means a lot to me.  I have had many jobs in the past and have not always enjoyed what I have done.  It’s great to be able to say I actually enjoy my job!  There are many opportunities in this field, which I hope to explore and succeed.



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