Legal Star Award winner Amy Abbott – July 2019


Consultant Conveyancer

Thu 11 July 2019 Legal Star Award winner Amy Abbott – July 2019

Meet Amy Abbott, our Client facing star award winner.

Amy works as a Consultant Conveyancing Executive in our Residential Property Department in the Peterborough Office.  Amy’s role focuses on helping clients move into their new homes along with providing all the information they may require, such as local search enquiries. Amy’s main aim is to help clients feel at ease with the process of moving home, which is commonly known as being particularly stressful.

Amy says, ‘When my name was announced I felt very proud to be chosen as I have been striving to win a Star Award since the scheme came into play. It was an amazing feeling knowing all my hard work had paid off and my determination recognised. I am very grateful to be chosen.’

Amy started as an Admin assistant at Taylor Rose TTKW on a temporary basis in November 2012 and has worked her way up the company over the past 7 years, proving to be a commendable employee.

‘The aspects of my role that I enjoy the most are being able to help clients move into their new homes. Completion days are my favourite days as I get to call the clients and inform them that they may collect their keys to their new home. It is definitely the single most satisfying feeling.’

‘Dealing with the Solicitors on the other side of the process can sometimes make the transaction tricky. I try to stay calm and collected in these situations and to continue doing my job to the best of my ability. It’s important to make sure that everyone is ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’. At the end of the day it’s essential our clients are able to move out of/into their new home as seamlessly as possible.‘

‘I can definitely say the work ethic is the most rewarding feature about working for Taylor Rose TTKW. When you work hard for the company and prove yourself, you will reap the benefits. I proved I am worthy of their time, money and expertise, to provide me with the correct training and knowledge I now have, to do the role at a skilled level. I am very grateful to Taylor Rose TTKW for moulding me into the woman I am today.’

‘The key to success of my role is client communication. I know I can balance being professional  with my clients, providing them with the information required, but also being personable, providing that friendly persona, be it in person, over the phone or over email. This helps ease the client’s worries during what can be such a stressful time in their lives. This is my top advice to my colleagues, update your clients, complaints come from clients feeling left in the dark! Buying and selling a house is a big part of someone’s life, especially if they haven’t done it before, or in a long time. Provide them with the reassurance that everything is in hand.’

Behind the scenes

Amy was born in Peterborough and is supported by her husband, Jonny along with her parents Karen and Phil and her two big brothers Joe and Sam. She enjoys socialising with them along with best friends Pippa, Hannah and Becks over food, drinks and shopping.

One of her favourite things to do outside of work is travelling (especially getting a tan). Amy says, ‘My favourite travel destination is the Maldives, and my next holiday destination is to Dubai in October for our annual trip to visit family and to catch some very hot rays.’

‘My guilty pleasures definitely include watching spot videos and programmes, along with listening to my favourite Motown music, especially Stevie Wonder. ‘

Amy’s favourite books are the Fifty Shades Of Grey but her favourite movie is The Lion King.

‘The one thing no-one knows about me is that before working in Law, I worked in retail, as a beauty therapist and as a nurse but now I have really found my calling in life with conveyancing!’



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