Corporate Star Award Winner Annemarie Pye - July 2019

Tue 16 July 2019 Corporate Star Award Winner Annemarie Pye - July 2019

Meet Annemarie Pye, this quarter's Corporate Star Award Winner.

Annemarie is the Operations Manager based in our Peterborough office. Annemaries role includes overseeing departments such as diary, admin, reception, case advisory, facilities and archiving. Her duties include planning and making improvements across the business through operational management and organisation. Annemarie co-ordinated the Peterborough office most recent move from Northminster to Stuart House.

Annemarie says,’ I was surprised but delighted when I found out I was this quarter’s corporate star. I feel proud to know the hard work was worthwhile! Additionally I would like to thank Danny Blackwell, Glen Moody, Adrian Thompson and the rest of the IT team for their help with the office move as I couldn’t have done this without them. ‘

‘One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is how closely I get to work with the team managers to make improvements and efficiencies for both the staff and the business. No two days are the same. Juggling multiple projects is definitely a challenge associated with my role but I find lists help me a lot!’

Annemarie has worked for Taylor Rose TTKW for 10 years and said ‘I have always felt supported by my managers and therefore able to progress. If you show dedication and commitment you will receive it back. I treat the company as if it were my own and feel that is the key to success! The business is very dynamic and I am so grateful for the opportunities provided to me. ‘

‘My top tip for my colleagues is never give up.’

Behind the scenes

Annemarie was born in Peterborough and continues to live in the City with her husband Chris along with two children, Charlotte who is 3 years old and Harriet who is nearly 2 years old.

‘When I am not working my main enjoyment is spending time with my family and friends as they are a huge part of my life, especially my little girls. I am very lucky to be surrounded by great people!’

 ‘My favourite holiday destination is the Maldives as my husband and I went for our honeymoon. It was two weeks of pure luxury and relaxation. I am so glad we did this before having kids!  Our next trip is to Ireland, my parents are Irish and we like to go every summer to show the children the relaxed way of life.’

‘Alongside small children and a busy job I also enjoy listening to music (country music is my guilty pleasure) along with watching a good TV series - Killing Eve  had me gripped! My favourite move is Ps I Love You and  if I were to choose a book  it would be anything written by Marian Keyes.’

‘The one thing people may not know about me is that I previously worked for Jaggards in 2002/2003 I then left for 6 years before returning in 2009.’



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