Legal Q1 Director's Award Winner - Louisa Bazett

Tue 2 August 2022 Legal Q1 Director's Award Winner - Louisa Bazett

Congratulations to Louisa Bazett who has won our Legal Directors Award for Q1 2022!

Louisa is a Solicitor in our Family & Children department based in our Bognor Regis office. She specialises in Care Proceedings, Domestic Abuse and Private Family Cases. She has been with the firm for 4 years, starting her journey with MW Solicitors.

When finding out she won the Q1 Legal Directors Award, she said: “I felt delighted and very honoured.”

“Taylor Rose MW has been extremely supportive, as have been my supervisors and head of departments (HODs) since starting with the firm. I have been fortunate enough to build relationships with colleagues in so many different departments within the organisation that I would always know where to go for additional help,” Louisa said when asked how Taylor Rose MW has helped her develop personally and in her career.

She continued: “The organisation has encouraged me to work hard, be diligent in my work, and have acknowledged me and rewarded me for doing so. Of considerable importance, the firm, my HOD and supervisors have also ensured that I am aware of my value and remind me to take care of myself and make myself a priority as well.”

Louisa described her role as helping parent, families, and victims of domestic abuse through a very difficult time in their lives.

The most enjoyable aspect of her role is, “That I can truly help advise and support families through such an overwhelming difficult time.”

She continued: “Many of my clients are vulnerable Mothers (and Fathers) who desperately need someone to listen and help, without criticism and judgment about the mistakes they have made in the past. They need an advocate who can fight for them and encourage them to make positive steps towards a better life for them and their children.”

Louisa’s key to success is: “working tirelessly, being dedicated, detail-orientated, being patient and listening.”

One tip that she would share with her colleagues is, “if you ever have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask someone more experienced.”

Here at Taylor Rose MW, we have four values which include: aspiration, integrity, innovation, and commitment. Louisa said, “Commitment resonates with me the most as I believe that it is essential to my career to be dedicated to my work, clients and colleagues.”

She continued: “if one searches for the definition of commitment, one of the definitions found is: ‘the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action’, there is no better way to describe how a family solicitor is connected to their clients and cases. We are bound to them mentally and emotionally – I think all good solicitors are.”

Outside of Work

Louisa was born in California, USA and names her family and friends back in the states, her family in the UK and her husband, James, and her two Westies: Callan and Whinnie as the most important people in her life.

On fun fact that she shared with us, is that she has two middle names: Bettina and Akemi. Her family and friend in California all call her by her Japanese name, ‘Akemi’ (pronounced Ah-kay-mee) which means bright and beautiful.

Outside of work, Louisa is very active and enjoys paddle boarding, swimming, running, cycling, and long walks with our dogs in the country where we live. She also loves spending her time cooking and reading.

As restrictions have now been lifted, Louisa looked forward to travelling as she did not get to see her family and friends in California since Christmas 2019.

Her guilty pleasure is, ‘extra sour gummy candy.’

Louisa names “romantic comedy or action movies” as her favourite genre of movies. She added that “Persuasion by Jane Austen” is her favourite book, as she is “an avid Jane Austen fan, but feels that this book gets less credit than far more popular Pride & Prejudice or Sense & Sensibility.”

She continued that her favourite music as “anything acoustic. Growing up in California, I can be found rolling down the window and opening the sunroof on a sunny day listening to Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenheimer or Ben Harper!”

Louisa has two favourite travel destinations. The first destination she names is Chania, Crete. This is one of her favourites as she met her husband James there when they both taught English after Uni. They have been around different islands, but Chania still feels like home, and they try to go back every year.

The second destination she names is Haleiwa, Oahu (Hawaii) which she names as another favourite as her mother and mother’s family were all born and raised here. Her grandmother used to tell her stories about growing up here as a child.  It has become much more touristy since Louisa used to go as a child, but there is something about being there with my toes in the sand having a shaved ice (or ‘shave ice’ as the local call it) that makes her feel so happy and at peace.



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