Taylor Rose TTKW Welcomes New Trainee Solicitors

Tue 21 January 2020 Taylor Rose TTKW Welcomes New Trainee Solicitors

Many aspiring Solicitors are looking for the chance to develop their skills and acquire their qualifications. We are pleased that we can assist in this process and with 8 trainee solicitors continuing their placements, we have given the opportunity to 3 more applicants to begin their own journey this year.

The process involves each applicant submitting a CV and Cover letter. From those who apply the strongest candidates are then invited to an interview with both Louisa Copsey, who leads the training programme, and a Director of the firm. The applicants are asked about their motivation, ambition and interests before being asked to take part in a written assessment.

We always receive a lot of applications and it can be extremely difficult choosing a handful of applicants for an interview and even harder choosing the successful candidates as the competition is usually strongLouisa Copsey, Partner

The following applicants were the successful 3 chosen to begin their placements this January:

Atshaam Saeed

“I feel extremely happy that I am one step closer to becoming a Solicitor and feel fortunate to be in this position. I have to thank everyone who has supported me and enabled me to get here. I’ve really enjoyed the application process as you get a real insight of what the firm stands for, their vision for a trainee and the overall growth of the Firm. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and becoming the best possible version of myself whilst embodying the firm’s values.”

Claire Boyd

“Securing a place  as a Trainee Solicitor at Taylor Rose TTKW  has been a very challenging process. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to developing my skills and getting stuck in.”

Alexandra Rusu

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to complete my Training Contract with Taylor Rose TTKW and to gain experience in the different departments. I look forward to working in the various offices and learning from the experienced staff and solicitors as I train to begin my own career."

We would like to take this opportunity to wish each successful trainee well and thank each of them for their hard work within the firm.



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