Q1 2022 Directors Award Winners Announced

Tue 26 July 2022 Q1 2022 Directors Award Winners Announced

Our Directors Award programme was launched in 2021 to recognise and reward the outstanding work done by our personnel. The aim of the awards is to highlight the members of Taylor Rose MW who put client care at the heart of their work whilst promoting the company philosophy of Smart Modern Law.

The Directors Award programme is coordinated and reviewed by Helen Lobozzo, Partner and Head of Client Care alongside Adrian Jaggard, CEO.

Each quarter, staff are asked to nominate their colleagues for a chance to be selected for the corporate award. Within the nomination they are asked to provide their reasoning for the recommendation. The legal winner is chosen through testimonials left on review platforms and direct client feedback. Each category is then deliberated and decided on by Helen and Adrian.

Helen Lobozzo commented on the launch of this year’s awards that “It’s so satisfying to be able to celebrate staff across the business for their hard work in a way that really allows them to shine. This programme has created both a motivational and unifying tool for colleagues to become a part of. It truly is something to look forward to each quarter”

The first quarter of the 2022 awards has highlighted the ways in which our staff strive for excellence. This is whilst they’ve embodied the firm’s values and shown their dedication to deliver Smart Modern Law.

Following the success of the Directors Award last year, we are pleased to announce the first quarterly winners for 2022. We would like to congratulate Louisa Bazett, Solicitor in our Family & Child department on winning the Q1 Legal Award. We’d also like to congratulate Ellis Robinson, Communications Support Operator within our CSO department on winning the Q1 Corporate award.

Louisa received fantastic feedback and has been commended for her ‘helpful nature’ in assisting a client and her children. She was said to have supported them through various court hearings and orders and successfully achieved positive outcomes for the client. The client expressed this was due to Louisa going the extra mile and ‘showing a great deal of patience.’

Louisa was also left feedback appreciating how attentive Louisa had been with her communications. The client stated she had felt “empowered and cared for in the service delivered by Louisa.” They said as a result, that they could now start to have a positive future.

Ellis Robinson was nominated by her colleagues for her support in communicating with clients. Ellis had been specifically helpful in dealing with a difficult situation where a client had been in a particularly vulnerable condition. In this position, Ellis was described as remaining calm and showing care and sympathy whilst supporting the client throughout the call. This was all despite it being a challenging scenario to deal with.

Adrian Jaggard, CEO commented “It is fantastic to see that we have individuals that have the skill set to handle situations thrown at them and support clients in the best way possible.”

“I’m extremely proud of the nominations received for our first quarter. On behalf of the Directors, I would like to thank you for continuing to deliver exceptional service.” – Adrian Jaggard, CEO

Congratulations again to both of our Q1 winners Louisa and Ellis on their hard work.



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