Consultant Solicitor

Location(s): Westminster

Phone: 020 3384 1963

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After a successful career as a lecturer and interpreter, Gitana trained as a lawyer specialising in criminal defence and extradition, enabling her to use her languages. Gitana qualified as a solicitor having completed the Legal Practice Course with Distinction in 2014.

Gitana is a duty solicitor and has extensive experience dealing with a vast range of offences ranging from minor shoplifting to serious sexual offences or fraud. She enjoys dealing with all aspects of Criminal Law from advising her clients at the Police Stations and defending them passionately in the Magistrates Court.

She is considered to be an expert extradition solicitor by those who defend in extradition, which is one of the most challenging and technically complex areas of law.

Gitana is a forceful defender of an individual’s rights and regularly draws on the Human Rights Act to ensure those rights are protected.

Gitana is highly regarded for her sensitivity and ability to get the best evidence from clients from all walks of life, her tactical skill, attention to detail and her ability to tackle complex legal issues.

Gitana speaks Russian, Lithuanian and Georgian.


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